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Can an object be used to emit light?

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Ken LatmanCan an object be used to emit light?
by on Aug 26, 2008 at 12:58:21 pm

I recently made a Las Vegas type sign in ProAnimator. I used the edges choice for my series of dots to become the Bulb, light shape. Works great and I modified the material to be a semi-transparent glass looking object.

The lights are inside other forms to build kind of shadow box. How would I go about making these lights light up and cast color shadows on the other objects or at least glow?

I've done multiple render passes before where the light bulbs were a separate piece and composed them together in AE on the other elements. I don't think though, that after adding a glow or shine to the bulb layer will cast shadows and lights onto the remaining 3D objects.

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Jon OkerstromRe: Can an object be used to emit light?
by on Aug 27, 2008 at 12:29:30 am

Hi Ken,

The answer is probably a combination of things.. if you kept the light objects in the same Invig scene with the rest of the shadow box, you could get shadows cast by the bulbs onto other objects. .. though the shadows would not come from light inside the bulbs.

In addition to that, I would consider using a bulbs-only layer and a glow filter to create the glow. You might consider adding Knoll light factory or a similar effect to create light sources in a layer behind the bulbs. I did something similar with Christmas light bulbs and it worked pretty well.


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Ken LatmanRe: Can an object be used to emit light?
by on Aug 27, 2008 at 12:44:29 am

Thanks Jon for the imput.

I did wind up doing just that. I have ProAnimator BTW not Invigorator, so there are some slight differences.

I just purchased John Dickson's Making it Look Great 4 DVD and was watching for assistance. I would like to have the camera go over the sign really close and then back out to reveal the whole thing. Sorta like the way 20th Century Fox reveals there logo. John solution was to use ProAnimator inside AE (I was using it as a standalone app), with a null object parented to and a camera to do the trick.
However I've come across another issue now that I have my bulb layers now with glows. Since my bulbs are inside other 3D objects, the glows I apply to them come through the other object. I think track mattes might solve the problem.

I have one part of my 3D object that spins on it Y axis inside an oval sorta like those old gas station signs. I put that on another layer so the oval could have a glow. When I move the camera, the bar of the oval is no longer of course blocking the view of the spinning object. Not sure if my track mattes are set right, but regardless it is not correcting the problem.

Any thoughts?

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Jon OkerstromRe: Can an object be used to emit light?
by on Aug 27, 2008 at 2:57:37 am

It sounds like you're on the right track, so to speak. If the track mattes don't seem to be having an effect, try putting the glow layer into a precomp and apply your track matte to that.


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