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raystar devoinvigorator retro-ae
by on Apr 29, 2008 at 2:36:39 am

I have an old AE file (5.5?) with a 3D circular text treatment (old Universal Studios style) done with individual letter-layers, but the letters are ae flat and show as they reach the sides.

I am finding it difficult (probably too much to ask) to simply apply a zaxwerks InvigPro 3D style to a text letter-layer and have it keep the ae coordinates for the rotation. It might not be something that is possible, but maybe I am missing something simple.

any help is good help

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raystar devoRe: invigorator retro-ae details
by on Apr 29, 2008 at 2:13:28 pm

In afx I have 1 letter per layer, no camera, masked to a circle imposed on top of a globe image the mask of the letter becomes visible after the letter passes in fromt of the globe. In Invig, when I 'Set 1 Track 3D layer' to the rotating text item (the 3D text Layer with one letter on it) then the Invigorator letter simply dissappears, It's settings become grey, and I can't find it in any of the views.

Very discouraging. Should I use a null? The Parenting doesn't help. It's 4.0.6 Pro w AECS3Pro

Would rather not have to set this whole file up again from scratch.


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