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proanimator 4.3.2/ AE CS3 Freeze problems

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Matt Callacproanimator 4.3.2/ AE CS3 Freeze problems
by on Feb 11, 2008 at 5:30:16 pm

Searched the forum and haven't found a solution for this. Just got Proanimator. trying to use it as a plug in. So I add the effect to a solid layer, type the text I want and hit enter. Then in the effects tab I try to click the proanimator box to manipulate the material options of the text. The software launches for a fraction of a second and disappears. Then to top it off, it renders all of AE's menue's useless, so I can't even quit. I have to force quit. The only thing I saw on the forum was something about the plugin no liking floating windows. Well I dont' have any. All my AE interface is docked together yet I'm still having this problem Pleas pleas please someone help. I need to fix this ASAP as I need the 3d text for a project this week. Thanks in advance.

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Topher WelshRe: proanimator 4.3.2/ AE CS3 Freeze problems
by on Feb 11, 2008 at 6:43:45 pm

First off, whats your system look like... and also what is the font that you are using for the text? I know when I was tring to create some text using the BleedingCowboys text, (you should google that to see what I am talking about) there were so many artifacts going along with that font (dust, lines, things that make it look cool) that it slowed down the PA interface when opened as a plugin in After Effects to the point that it was taking forever for it to render one frame just for a preview.

IF this is your problem I suggest that you make sure you are in DRAFT 3D mode... also if you just got PA and you are trying to do text with lots of extra stuff on the font, that slows down and eats ram up because it has to render all of those individual peices.

I would say you could go two ways, find an easier font to work with... or bring it into illustrator, and do the make outlines function, delete the unneeded artifacts, save it as an .ai WITH COMPRESSION TURNED OFF, import as an illustrator file into PA.

Remember these are all situations with me assuming your situation.

Good luck and get back to me!

Topher Welsh
Head Editor & Motion Graphics

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Matt CallacRe: proanimator 4.3.2/ AE CS3 Freeze problems
by on Feb 11, 2008 at 8:20:44 pm

Got in touch with tech support at Zaxwerks and it was just an AE interfacing issue. I just had to chnage my workspace view and the problem was fixed. Even though the workspace I was in had no floating pallets it was still causing a problem.

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