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Combining two separate elements into one

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susan ansonCombining two separate elements into one
by on Jan 23, 2008 at 3:25:29 pm

Have Pro Animator on XP.

I have two separate text elements coming on stage from opposite directions...they cross by each other...then hold after they cross. When they are in the new hold position they create the full text logo.

Question is:

I have each text element on separate tracks. I want to combine them into one unit and then apply a spin to BOTH words together and then zoom then off after that. I was thinking if I grouped each word into one group...then I could apply the spin Y command to the group and move them together. BUT, the group command says it can not group separate tracks.

What should I do now to lock these two words together as one new entity and animate the new object?



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Topher WelshRe: Combining two separate elements into one
by on Jan 23, 2008 at 5:56:19 pm

I only have Invigorator, but the way I would do it is to chop the animations right when the form the combined logo, and then create another animation in one layer that is lined up perfectly with the two previous animations, and the apply your spin to that.

animation 1
---------------------- combined final animation
animation 2 ---------------------------------------

And you would apply the spin to the combined final animation...

Maybe that makes it easier to see what I'm talking about

Topher Welsh
Head Editor & Motion Graphics

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susan ansonRe: Combining two separate elements into one
by on Jan 23, 2008 at 10:01:16 pm

Hi Topher,

Thanks for the reply. I hear you!

Topher, I was hoping I didnt have to make up a completely registered second set of words...and then have to painstakingly hide them behind... and in register with ...the original 2 separate words.

I was hpoing there was some kind of a grouping function... or copying function... or combining function in Animator Pro ...that could take the existing 2 elements and group or make them into a single newly combined element.

I can certainly tweek and nudge and fiddle and get a second set of images in perfect register with the original two...and then do the spin and zoom off. The Kerning on the words is so customized that it is challenging to duplicate it again in register.

Anyone else have a way to take two elements on separate tracks...and when they make their final pose...then... combine the two into one complete unit...and then rotate the whole thing... and then fly it off!



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