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HELP! Invigorator movemnt controls are not responding

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gilbenHELP! Invigorator movemnt controls are not responding
by on Apr 14, 2007 at 12:34:11 pm

Hello everyone

I started working on an After Effects 7 station with the Invigorator 4. i try to invest some time working on tutorials' and discovered that all movement controls' obeject and views manues are not responding to any actrion applied.
on the effect control panel it seems everything is enabaledbut nothing really act upon mouse actions. the only way to manipulate the 3d model is by the arrbitutes - which is less intuative and accurate for me.

if any of you familier with that - please post ideas and possible solutions.


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Jon OkerstromRe: HELP! Invigorator movemnt controls are not responding
by on Apr 16, 2007 at 12:05:16 am

HI Gilben,

My guess is that you may be in the wrong mode. For example, click the red ball to get to the set up area. There, you'll find icons on the left for camera, lighting and object mode. If you've selected any mode other than object, the object manipulation tools on the right won't move the objects in your scene. The other point - you have to select the object in order for the tools to have an effect on it. Select the object by clicking on it in the window, or by using the object pop-up menu. (Hold down the shift key and you can select multiple objects using the pop-up. For me, this is sometimes easier, when objects are hidden by eachother.

Does this help?


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GilbenRe: HELP! Invigorator movemnt controls are not responding
by on Apr 16, 2007 at 12:29:34 pm

Dear Jon

Thank you for your reply.
I try to re-check my workflow as you suggested - still i have the same problem: the only place i can manipulate object or camera or lights are only in the SETUP window" (when pressing the red ball). is the effecct control PREVIEW window - i can not manipulate anything !!!
It is very strange because i used to work on this same plugin some time ago - and that was fine as i can recall...

Do you think you have better understanding the operational problem i describe now?

thank ou for your help

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