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Objects won't hold position on reload

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HahaiahObjects won't hold position on reload
by on Nov 17, 2006 at 3:27:10 pm

If this has been discussed, PLEASE point me to it ...

Using Proanimator 4.03 with AE7 Pro I have a consistent problem with certain logos I create.

For example I have a logo with 2 lines of text and an Ilustrator CS2 file. Everythiing works ok within the program, when it reverts to AE, it still usually looks ok.
BUT - when I reenter Proanimator to make additional adjustments, the Illustrator logo reverts back to the original size and shape of when I imported it. Which is basically 20x bigger and forces me to readjust it everytime I logo.

So I can't seem to get it to STICK in position and size.

Also I notice when I hit UNDO on certain action - the text will SPREAD itself out and will force me to cancel out and re-enter Proanimator.

Finally, using nucleo (standard) - any Proanimator file is rendered corrupted (flashes) when played and is unusable.

I love the results of this software when it works, but I have to be able to depend on consistent results

So I'm a little frustrated between having to workaround all this - I've tried using the Standalone and it helps a little with saving position but I really would like to use this within AE

ANY help appreciated

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Matt RhodesRe: Objects won't hold position on reload
by on Nov 18, 2006 at 5:34:33 pm

Hello Hahaiah.

If you're able to send me a sample scene, I'd be happy to take a look.

Just send me the .aep file (no media files). Send them to:
Please describe the steps I need to take to replicate your problem.


Matt Rhodes

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HahaiahRe: Objects won't hold position on reload
by on Nov 20, 2006 at 4:16:35 pm

Creating a NEW project and composition seems to have fixed this particular problem (so far). I've had this problem before and couldn't remember how I worked around it. Annoying, but at least workable. Thank you for offering to take a look, I really appreciate the help.

I've noticed I tend to have alot more problems when I have large AE projects. I get render errors, crashes etc alot more often when the projects are complicated. Also, using Nucleo 1.5, ANYTHING rendered in Proanimator gets a "flashing" effect and is unusable, which is too bad, because Proanimator is the very thing I could use the extra processing for.

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