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Iluustrator CS2 Live Trace and Proanimator

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lasvideoIluustrator CS2 Live Trace and Proanimator
by on May 29, 2006 at 12:16:13 am

Im a long time user of 3DI and Proanimator who's trying to use the Illus CS2 "Live Trace" function to no avail. I am taking a bit mapped graphic (i.e. Google Logo as a test case). I then place it in a 720 x 480 document I initally created in Ill CS2. I "trace" it then "expand" it , thus creating the vectors. I then save it (compression off) in a variety of formats. When I import it into Proanim, I get a solid block with some of the letters punched out of it. Very sloppy. I Then tried the A & W simple logo (repeating the same sequence of steps) and got nothing on import to Proanim. Is anyone using Live Trace succesfully (on simpel logos) with Zax products? I did a search but found nothing specifically reffering to Live Trace or the problems I have experienced.

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LasvideoRe: Iluustrator CS2 Live Trace and Proanimator Continued
by on May 29, 2006 at 1:23:02 am

On furthur inspection, it seems to be the INVERSE of what I want.
Just to get familiarwith Illus CS2, I created type, outlined it and successfully imported THAT into AE7. Piece of cake (and unneccessary with the new Zax software).
I sure hope someone has used this process, since I unfortunately get quite a few bitmapped, detailed logos that could benefit from Live Trace.

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lasvideoRe: Iluustrator CS2 Live Trace and Proanimator Continued
by on May 29, 2006 at 6:02:30 pm

After hours of experimentation I think I have the solution. After opening the files In ILL CS2 the expand function is run to create the outlines and tweeked to taste interactively to get the cleanest interpretation of the logo. Under the Object heading Ungroup is selected to create seperate elements. Those that need to function as a group should be Grouped together. I then exported with no compression. When I opened the file in Proanimator there were many objects that could be deleted (polygons covering the holes in letters) or tweeked (spikebuster) if necessary. Whoohooo!

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