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Kathlyn LindeboomINVIGOMANY Now on sale!
by on May 5, 2006 at 5:04:13 am

INVIGOMANY is on Sale! Normally, 89.00, it's now available for $45 (plus shipping)!
(December 20, 2006) INVIGOMANY is part of the Creative Cow Master Tools series. This product should be helpful to those who are interested in animating 3D objects in Adobe After Effects using Zaxwerks Invigorator for AE and/or Proanimator as well as the New ProAnimator for AE.

INVIGOMANY, Volume 1 was created for broadcast professionals who quickly need a 3D object and don't want or can't create it in a 3D program. It's also available to anyone who is interested in learning AE & Invigorator.

All After Effects projects were built with teaching in mind and are fully customizable. So you will learn many tricks when you go through the different compositions. But, as important, you can animate your objects right away.

The introductory price of US $89.00 (plus shipping) was a steal when you think that single 3D objects are sold for the same or even higher price on the web and are not always compatible with Zaxwerks Invigorator.
But now it's available for only $45 (plus shipping)!

The INVIGOMANY Volume 1 includes:
  • Fifteen Adobe After Effects projects containing seventeen different objects.
  • All objects fully mapped in ZXO format for the ProAnimator 4.0 user and a version of all AE projects using the new AnimatorPro for AE.
  • All necessary files used to model and texture the 3D objects like Custom Edges, explanations, tips and placeholders for your own logos are inside of most projects.
  • Still have a question? Check out the provided video tutorial or just ask and I will be glad to help.
  • The formats are both NTSC & PAL D1/DV. But you can easily change the comps to fit your needs.

  • Invigorator Classic or Invigorator Pro (3.0.8) or (4.0.6)
  • ProAnimator 4.0 as well as the New ProAnimator for AE
  • Adobe After Effects 5.5.1 Pro and higher.

For more information, please click:

And then click on the InvigoMany logo.

Kathlyn Lindeboom
The Mistress of Mmmooooo!

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Zax DowInstant Sports Objects
by on May 6, 2006 at 1:53:34 am

You know how difficult it is to make a perfect map for a baseball, football or soccer ball, right? The map pinches and squeezes and if you're lucky you can make something usable but it takes you a day or so to do it. Well Serge has nailed it for you with the InvigoMany product. Every model is made for high-rez applications and the included AE projects enable you to fine tune every element of each map for totally customizable work.

Need to put your company logo on the side of a golf ball? Just open the golf ball project and add your logo to the texture map. Need a football that's painted with your country's flag? No problem, overlay the flag onto the texture and you're ready to go.

What you do with these objects is up to you. Since they're 3D they'll animate like any other 3D object. Use them in close-ups or animate them in backgrounds. With this set of projects and texture maps it's like having an unlimited supply of stock sports footage that's completely customizable.

If you do anything having to do with sports graphics get this set immediately. I highly recommend it.

Zax Dow
Zaxwerks Inc.

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eri-videocamRe: INVIGOMANY Now Available
by on May 7, 2006 at 12:28:05 am

I would add my cent to Invigomany vol.1.

Invigomany it's a gift for me that i'm not a 3D guy, no time to learn a full 3D program, models, mapping hard to grasp... it worth much more than $89.00 for sure.
The winning idea is that it's not only a tutorial but a useful collection of 3D objects, textures... all the materials set in ready to use projects, moreover fully customizable.
Thanks to Serge Hamad we can save a lot of time, and use that time learning all the tricks of his incredible skill.
I never tought Invigorator could build such complex models, but Serge with Custom Edges and Layer Mapping do the miracles.
I hope Invigomany vol.1, it's the first of many...i can't wait for the next volume, i book it now.
Only a wish, could you extend explanations a bit for us, humans.
Thanks again to Serge and Creative Cow for the Master Tool and share.


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John DaviesRe: INVIGOMANY Now Available
by on May 9, 2006 at 10:14:00 pm

I'm a hobbyist and home movie kind of guy. I bought ProAnimator to be able to make interesting titles out of 3D text. That is where my knowledge stood.

So I bought InvigoMany to try to get more out of ProAnimator. Now I'm going to school. There is so much information contained in Serge's projects that I am carefully taking them apart for my curriculum.

I had no idea that ProAnimator (and Invigorator) are so feature deep.

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tachylonRe: INVIGOMANY Now Available
by on May 20, 2006 at 12:32:00 am

can i have a discount for the combination pack: serious effects & Compositing, the apprentice magician's guide to particleillusion 3 and invigomany. thanks.

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Erik WaluskaRe: INVIGOMANY Now on sale!
by on May 9, 2010 at 8:02:34 pm

Is that link still correct? There's no "Invigomany logo" on that page or in either of the linked pages that I can find.

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Serge HamadRe: INVIGOMANY Now on sale!
by on May 11, 2010 at 2:32:32 am

Hi Erik,

The InvigoMany Sport series is sold out for the second round.

Hard copies are not available for the moment but you might still get one at Just search for "Zaxwerks Invigorator Training"


PS: In case Amazon is also sold out, feel free to e-mail me at (serge at nyc-visual dot com)and I will make a download available for you.


Invigorator/Proanimator Training:

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Serge HamadRe: INVIGOMANY Now on sale!
by on May 12, 2010 at 3:55:47 am

Ooops! Sorry, InvigoMany Sport is not sold by Only the Zaxwerks Training.

I will for this mistake send you a free download link for the Invigorator - Sport series. Just shoot me an E-Mail at (serge at nyc-visual dot com)


Invigorator/Proanimator Training:

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