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by on Mar 8, 2006 at 8:05:24 pm

Ok I'm now creating pretty nice looking 3d titles w/ Invigorator
but when I import them into my editing app they don't seem to "key" at all. The background color seems to be a part of the image. Should I try and key out the backroung color or is there some other way?

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kurt murphyRe: TEXT W/ ALPHA CHANNEL
by on Mar 8, 2006 at 10:00:16 pm

In your render settings make sure that you use the Animation codec (under Format Options) which renders out an alpha channel. Next, make sure that you select Millions of colors+ (the "+" means the alpha information). In the output module, it should now say RGB + alpha (under channels), Depth: millions +. Next change the Color: from Premultiplied to Straight - this oversamples the edges for a cleaner key (but the RGB might look a little weird).

Hope this helps,

kurt murphy

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by on Mar 10, 2006 at 6:34:52 pm

I am having the same problem. I am trying to get a one frame 3D text out of ProAnimator v3 with Alpha Channel so that it can go directly onto a web site page.

I can not find the Format Options but when I Render a QT movie, the Animation codec setting come up for Millions+ by clicking the Aplha check box. So matter what I have tried, I cannot get an Ahpla channel bachground for either a QT movie or a still frame.

""In the output module, it should now say RGB + alpha (under channels), Depth: millions +. Next change the Color: from Premultiplied to Straight""

I also do not understand where the output module is? I have looked in the Advanced mode, but I am still lost???

Thanks for any help with this.

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by on Mar 10, 2006 at 6:44:53 pm

Hi MrVideo,

In ProAnimator, the rendering settings are accessed by clicking on the camera icon beneath the scene preview window. when you click render movie, you get a compression settings window. That's where you can choose to render using the animation codec and millions+ to give you the alpha channel. It's one of many rendering options, but the one I'd use as well. You've found the right spot.

As for rendering a still image, it does include alpha channel information. Render the image, then do File>Save Picture. Then choose a format that supports alpha channels... targa does. If you open it in Photoshop, you'll see the alpha channel is there. I would not adivse using jpeg because of artifacts that may happen during resizing, regardless of the alpha channel issue.

Does this help?


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by on May 25, 2006 at 12:06:43 pm

I simply dont get it either with this rendering/alpha chanel, if i choose render frame, go to filemenu - save picture i can chose betwen jpeg and tga, i choose tga and save image. (alpha chanel check box ARE marked). When i import image in to paintshop the bacground are black with zaxwerk watermark - no transperacy.I neither get the option to save in millions + colors, neither i cant find rgb color settings.
I only get optiondialog when i render movie, but not the plus options.
The only way i cant get some transperacy in some programs (from pro animator rendered files) is to make background white, but then image has some lost in white color and backgroundcolor shine throug.(in afterburner design or design pro)
I have never faced this problem with xara 3d 6, but it s pretty much limited compared to animator pro.

Is this isue because iam using damo or do my computer need some kind of codec?
Iam all new to imageediting!
Thanks in advance

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