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Slow Mo Fo Renders

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Dan811Slow Mo Fo Renders
by on Sep 7, 2005 at 10:35:12 am

I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice on the following rendering speed questions. I am running a Dual 2.5 G5 with 1.5 Gg Ram running 10.3.9 and recently hired G5 1.8 with 1Gg Ram (same OS) which rendered some very large AE projects (with Invigorator 3D plug-ins) considerably faster which has lead me to the following questions:

1. Is there an optimum Preference Setting for AE (RAM etc)?

2. Would installing Tiger speed things up? (Or cause more probs?)

3. Would extra RAM speed things up or just give me more head room for other apps? My activity monitor gets up to 100% with these type of projects.

4. The hire co use use a speed disc app regularly on their machines and swear by it. I thought OSX didn't need this re-allocation of files and space for speed anymore. I repair permissions regularly but that's it

5. Is there any other suggestions to speed rendering up? Software and Hardware-wise including graphics cards

Will processors ever be fast enough!!!!!! Blue bars plodding across the screen need to be wiped out!!!!

Thanks in advance.


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Matt RhodesRe: Slow Mo Fo Renders
by on Sep 7, 2005 at 4:10:00 pm

Hi Dan.

Your 2.5 GHz G5 should definitely out-render the 1.8 GHz G5.

Tiger won't improve performance in any noticeable way, from what I have seen.

I'm not aware of any AE settings that would be an advantage to the Invigorator.
Depending on how you set up your textures, we may access the disk for loading
images, but that won't likely show any appreciable difference.

Having memory available is important, but unless you're doing some
memory heavy operations on the 2.5 GHz machine while rendering, you should have
plenty of memory for Invig rendering.

If you'd like for me to do a quick render test on our dual 2.7 GHz G5 machine, I'd
be happy to. This may let you compare the times with your 2.5 GHz machine.

You can send the project to:
If the project files are huge, you can just send me the .aep file. That will be a start.


Matt Rhodes
Zaxwerks, Inc.

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Dan811Re: Slow Mo Fo Renders
by on Sep 8, 2005 at 2:28:39 am

Thanks Matt.

It is a pretty intensive project. A large AE comp that pans across 10 separate INVIG comps with a few 3d models in each. They need to be a distance from each other and having together was affecting the shadow map rez. I guess that is a Gig of RAM dedicated to Invig isn't it? I was thinking of breaking each out into a separate project for speed. What do you think?

Thanks for the offer of rendering but the project has some confidentiality issues. You guys do a great job with support there!


PS: I know you can't give me a straight answer of this but will there be any chance of a new version with Depth of Field worked in? Would really make INVIG even better though I imagine this was left out for speed and simplicity?

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Matt RhodesRe: Slow Mo Fo Renders
by on Sep 8, 2005 at 6:43:46 pm

Hi Dan.

I understand the confidentiality issues.

A few notes on memory usage:
- AE controls its own memory management. It controls some of the Invig's memory management as well.
- AE decides when the Invigorator scenes get loaded and unloaded.
- AE will continue to grab memory until it runs out -- and then it starts freeing up memory it has grabbed.

From my tests, I've found that pretty much everything gets loaded all at once. Therefore, if you have a
Comp with multiple Invig layers, they'll probably all be in memory at once.

The best way to minimize memory usage would be to render each Invig portion separately and then use
the resulting Quicktime movie in place of the live Invig layer. This is less than ideal, but may help memory
usage if you are finding that memory usage is slowing your system down. This may or may not be your
situation -- it's difficult to tell.

As for Depth of Field, that is not currently a feature of the Invig. I'll make a note that it's a requested feature.

Let me know if you have more questions.


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Matt RhodesRe: Slow Mo Fo Renders
by on Sep 8, 2005 at 6:45:27 pm

Hi Dan.

I should note that AE lets you limit how much memory it controls (see the Memory Preferences).


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