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Cannot import ai file.

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Tomek SuwalskiCannot import ai file.
by on Jul 30, 2005 at 11:05:32 am


This is probably very lame, but I'm new to Illustrator/3d Invigorator issues. I'm using Illustrator CS2, I create a simple text using one of the fonts, save it as .ai file, then run 3d Invigorator in AE, click 'open illustator file', choose my saved file and it doesn't open, instead an error message is promted: 'There were no usable vector paths in this file'. Well, what to do with that? How to create those 'usable vector paths'?
And the other question is where from does 3d Invigorator takes fonts when running in 'create 3d text' mode? I've got lots of fonts in common files/adobe/fonts directory, but it's not using them.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Tomek SuwalskiRe: Cannot import ai file.
by on Jul 30, 2005 at 11:21:59 am

Ok, I see it now, 3D Invigorator takes fonts from windows/fonts directory. But I still don't know an answer for the first question, so if anyone can help, I'd appreciate.

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Tomek SuwalskiRe: Cannot import ai file.
by on Jul 30, 2005 at 12:29:20 pm

Ok, seems like first problem is already solved. Saving file as illustrator 8 helped, anyways, why cs2 format doesn't work?
But there immediately came another question - how to import ai file or create 3d text within 3d invigorator to have each letter from a word separately to further animate each one individualy not the whole word as a layer. And of course making each letter as a layer is not a solution cause it's too much work and there are things like kerning that cannot be make good that way.

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sergeRe: Cannot import ai file.
by on Jul 30, 2005 at 6:15:45 pm

I answered to you in the AE forum.

Also check your IL manual or help on "release to layers".


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Tomek SuwalskiSeparate letters anchor points.
by on Jul 31, 2005 at 12:38:50 pm

Hi Serge, thank you for answers, they've helped, but new problems occured.

I've released letters to layers in ai, so now each letter is on one layer, 3d_inv opens it, but moves first letter forward z axis and x axis, so now the word isn't a word, don't know why it does that. Anyways, opening layered word in 3d_inv doesn't change a thing, cause I still have to manualy set each letter to new set. Or am I doing something wrong? Opening ai file in 3d_inv as layers and so one (in 3d_inv 'open illustrator file' box) doesn't help. But that's not the biggest problem.

I can create text directly in 3d_inv and assign each letter to new set and then control them. Thanks for that, I've finally found it. BUT I'd like each letter to have it's own anchor point so I can manipulate them separately, I want them to rotate by Y axis, but their own axis, like they would roll each in it's own place. Manipulating letters by sets can't give me that, cause they rotate by 3d_inv word anchor point which is in the middle of the word.

So, how to do that? How to put each letter on it's own layer, make it quasi-3d in 3d invigorator, and than animate each one by it's own anchor point?

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sergeRe: Separate letters anchor points.
by on Jul 31, 2005 at 9:29:56 pm

Hi Tomek,

Invigorator doesn't assign letters automaticaly to a set.
OK let's say you selected each letter of a word and assigned it to a different set in the Set-Up window. Go now to the effect window (Scene Preview window) select any set and click on "Recenter Pivot" (It's at the bottom of Set mini pop-up menu)
Now you can animate the rotation of each set and have your pivot point in the center of each letter.

Does this help?


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Tomek SuwalskiSaturated flare.
by on Aug 1, 2005 at 3:16:11 pm

Hi Serge, yep this helped, thanks a lot! Now I was able to animate 3d text as I wanted. By the way, after setting each letter to a set, each one actualy had its own anchor point, but last time (as it stands in my previous post) there was just a one anchor point set for whole word. Strange. And I'm just curious if there is a way to move anchor point whenever I want to, not just to center?

Anyways, if you're still interested in giving me few tips, the whole thing is about that I'm trying to complete ayato@web tutorial, the first one, and there are some more problems now. Here's the link All those question helped me complete just the first step and again I'm stuck on the next one. His flare is full of colors and mine is just black&white or plus additional one color if I change some 3d_inv lighting values. But just that, not whole spectrum as his. So, again, how did he do that? I'm doing everything as mentioned, but my blured and saturated text color is a combination of 3d_inv three lights and nothing more. Any idea?

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sergeRe: Saturated flare.
by on Aug 1, 2005 at 7:07:42 pm

[Tomek Suwalski] "And I'm just curious if there is a way to move anchor point whenever I want to, not just to center?"

You could do so by offseting your object in the Set-Up window or even better by creating a dummy object. This one has to be the first object to be assigned to a set so the pivot point will lay at it's center. You would then assign the second object you want to parent to the same set, switch off the visibility of the dummy. Now once you animate the set your second object will use the pivot point of the dummy.

As to the lens flare thingy, I really don't know why you are having a B/W flare only. Ayato's tutorials are continuously explained again and again in the AE forum. Try to make a search first. If you are still unlucky send me your AEP for troubleshooting and I will see what I can do.


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Tomek SuwalskiMask animation.
by on Aug 2, 2005 at 2:31:04 pm

Hi Serge, thanks again for answers.

I know Ayato's tutorials were discussed before and I did search before and most stuff is just confusion, not answers. Although I did search again and find some answers that you already gave me (oops...) and also few questions about Ayato's tutorial #1, but none of them answered.

Take this thread for example:
He asks exacly the same thing that I've asked about color flare (it's not a lens flare, but blured text), but I've already got it, now the problem is step 4 - mask animation, I really don't get what he means by that. I mean, right precomp two layers and than what? The point is to make this blurred-flare-text to disappear after each letter stops rotating. I was able to achieve similar look manual way, but it's not that good, my flares just disappear, his - fade out. And it wasn't answered before, as far as my search goes, although someone already asked that, but no response at all.

Maybe I'll post it also in main ae forum, cause now it's quite beyond zaxwerks only.

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