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Proanimator 3.0.2 Problems

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Mark JohnstonProanimator 3.0.2 Problems
by on May 4, 2005 at 11:53:32 pm

HI , in proanimator I have in object transition area arch styles and direction styles set to same for all. I have the word hey going from one side of the screen to the other with a arch direction of 90 . Instead of all three letters going same direction I get 2 paths going forward in space and 1 going backinspace or if I putin -90 I get reverse movement 2 paths back one forward . I also cant seem to get the path action to work right when I set it to follow 2d with face set to the right, the letters don't turn to follow path though they do turn if set to the other settings like front , bottom or others. I also don't feel things are working right when I set up an animation from the front veiw but then decide I want to view the action from new angle the program changes the postions of my object poses . I have other 3D programs and they do not do this when you change angles you get same action but from new angle. I also have had the Program Quit all kinds of times . I'm very frustrated with the program right now. any help would be cool thanks.

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Matt RhodesRe: Proanimator 3.0.2 Problems
by on May 5, 2005 at 1:06:16 am

Hi Mark.

Would you mind sending me your PA project file? I'd be happy to take a look.

Send it to:


Matt Rhodes
Zaxwerks, Inc.

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Mark JohnstonRe: Proanimator 3.0.2 Problems
by on May 6, 2005 at 10:54:32 am

Hey Matt , Iv'e had to do alot of of head pounding and twisting to get my head around the way the program works but after puting in another 4 or 5 hours of effort I have finally started to understand what was giving me problems. The way the camera focus centers on whatever point in the time line and which pose or transtion your on was confusing me . I also have't had any more times of the program Quitting on me today. So I feel the different way animation is done in animator is going to take alittle getting use to but things are looking up , I was finally able to get an animation to look the way I wanted it to look. I could use a couple of tips at this point .I like to know how to create an arch that becomes a circle because on one page in the manual it says this can be done. Also I'd like to Know if you can move objects more than the 1000 the move silder goes up to, or increase the length of a arch. I had an arch going in to the distance that I wanted the arch to go deeper.
Thanks for your quick response and hope you can enlighten me on these questions . Thanks again Mark

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Zax DowRe: Proanimator 3.0.2 Problems
by on May 17, 2005 at 6:50:02 pm

Hi Mark,

Yes you can make the Move controller go to any value you want. The slider only goes to 1000, so for anything higher than that just type the number into the edit box next to the slider.

Regarding the problem of where some objects go forward and the others go back. . . most likely this was because you "tweaked" some of the objects at one of the Poses, or did a rotation that changed the Z position of the objects. Here's why this would matter...

When you have two poses that are exactly across from each other, like when you from left to right with no change in the Z or Y directions, then the ProAnimator can't tell what forward or backward is supposed to be. So say for a perfect left-right case, an arch direction of 90 made the arch go backward.

But now say you had one object that didn't get moved exactly to the right? What if you tweaked this object and it ends up moving a little to the front of the other objects? This moves it in both X and Z so the ProAnimator can figure out that an arch direction of 90 would point the arch to the front, not the back. So suddenly the program looks crazy because the arches are pointing in opposite directions.

The fix is really easy. Move all of the objects either forward or backwards a little bit at one of the poses. Once the two poses are no longer exactly across from each other everything works like a charm. Again, this fix isn't something that you have to do every time you create an animation, it's just a way to get out of the paradox created when some objects move in positive Z while some move in negative Z.

Hope that helps,

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Mark JohnstonRe: Proanimator 3.0.2 Problems
by on May 29, 2005 at 10:15:19 pm

HI Zax , Thanks for your reply. This is the first Time I've got on the computer for almost two weeks,so I haven't been able to use the program more. Yes it is easy to put tweaks on objects with out realizing it because its kind of natural to just reach up and move something in the window. Every program has some strange behavoirs related to the concepts behind how the program functions and sometimes it takes a lot of using a program to learn its strenghts and weakness and to figure work arounds to some problems. Over all your programs great but at times I have to do some real head twisting to understand things , more time using the program will help alot . Thanks for your reply. Mark

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