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Suggested MultiClip Editing Workflow

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Ben PriceSuggested MultiClip Editing Workflow
by on Mar 13, 2016 at 10:50:00 pm

Here's an important characteristic of multi clip editing that others should be aware of...

I'm using the feature to cut together a three camera shoot with a 'live' speaker. At times, the speaker will pause or stop and restart. These sections obviously need to be cut out to create the appearance of a contiguous presentation. No problem... split multi clip (CMD-/), cut out the bad part, remove the gap (CMD-G), and continue editing. However, when I split the clip, doing so erases every edit within the multi clip segment prior to the split point - effectively undoing all the work I've just performed. This issue is consistent and repeatable. Double clicking the multi clip and inspecting the associated timeline also bears out the removal of ALL camera angle cuts within that clip.

My modified workflow now is to play once through the multi clip footage and create the basic timeline. Then, I do a second pass and cut the camera angles.

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Floh PetersRe: Suggested MultiClip Editing Workflow
by on Mar 16, 2016 at 10:07:26 am

Hi Ben,
yeah, that one is a strange bug. I´ve run into it a couple of times; as far as I can tell it is somehow related to an audio clip in your multi clip setup. What kind of material are you grouping and how do you sync it?
Usually this does not happen, at least not with group clips that are based on the same source TC.

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Ben PriceRe: Suggested MultiClip Editing Workflow
by on Mar 16, 2016 at 7:17:00 pm

The MultiClip is comprised of three camera angles. All of the media was conformed upon import to a single standard (Apple ProRes). The clips were brought in to the MultiClip and aligned using the 'Sync mark' option (only one camera shot with TC, the other two were DSLRs).

For audio, the main (non-DSLR) camera clip has one track of audio from a wireless mic. The other two camera angles have one track of scratch audio from the built-in mic. All audio tracks are set the same (A1).

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