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Jack Shepard
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on Oct 19, 2015 at 5:27:24 pm

Very happy that Borisfx (and Floh) have kept M100 ticking along. As a super long-time M100 user, I thought I would throw out a few things that I think would be the most helpful if development continues. I also think these are the key to the software's continuing usefulness and to expanding our loyal base!

It seems to me that across the board editing software has become more user-friendly with an easier learning curve - FCPX and Adobe Premiere have all gone this route and the new Resolve built-in editor is great. Which as a non-tech oriented editor I think is a great thing.

M100 has always been my favorite from commercials to feature films for its 1) fantastic simple interface 2) timeline based editing vs two window which is so much slower 3) it's simple bin system (not perfect but solid). It is just fast and efficient!

What I struggle with these days, (especially when editing TV commercials) is dealing with different codecs and going between different systems. If something has been shot in Red or ProRes (or one of the few other codecs that it supports) then all is great. I can edit on M100 and it doesn't matter if the rest of the team is or not. However, if it is shot on another native camera codec which Premiere or FCPX can edit natively and M100 can't then I have no choice but to use another program. I can't spend the time converting everything to ProRes (and everyone else can use the native codec anyway). This is really limiting and unfortunate because I would prefer to edit everything with M100.

In this "make everything simpler-to-use" editing world of today - where the whole world is editing youtube videos to whatever else --- this is something that needs to be addressed if M100 is going to continue or grow. The media world of today is filled with more and more less tech saavy people who want simpler products to get easy results. Strikes me as an opportunity for BorisFX if they can solve this like Adobe did.

So if my first request, is a Media 100 that can handle more/all codecs natively then my second request would be a built in XML system that can go back and forth between FCPX.

Just a few constructive thoughts if it helps!

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