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Is this reason enough for M100 to make a comeback?

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Marcus Warren
Is this reason enough for M100 to make a comeback?
on Mar 18, 2015 at 9:20:57 pm

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Andrew Mehta
Re: Is this reason enough for M100 to make a comeback?
on Mar 21, 2015 at 4:24:13 am
Last Edited By Andrew Mehta on Mar 21, 2015 at 4:36:28 am

Well, it's a press release to promote their research...

...but it raises some important points:
Volume versus Margin,
and Growth in Asia and Latin America.

I think another reason Media100 should make a comeback is because IT'S THE BEST, and MOST USER FRIENDLY, video editing software out there. Of course I'm biased - but it totally stands up to today's offerings from Apple and Adobe, extremely well.

It WILL NOT make a comeback, as long as it's not being sold.
It is not for sale on Apple's App store.
It's not for sale on Boris FX's store.
There is no longer a UK reseller here in the UK, that I'm aware of.

Typing "BUY Media 100 Suite" into Google ( ), gives you a page of results about Media 100. Only one of these - is a shopping website, and at the top of the page it rather painfully reads: "DISCONTINUED. Ship Time not available" [ Source - ].

If the growth is coming from global markets - are there Media100 resellers out in Latin America and Asia?
Is BorisFX going to license the software to Asian and Latin American companies to market and sell over there? Or even develop further, and sell over there?

If domestic growth is coming from being price competitive, how is BorisFX going to achieve a higher volume of sales, to compensate for the drop in price?

To capitalise on everything your link mentions Marcus, Media 100 would need to be competitively priced, available internationally, available through popular sales channels, and embrace cloud video services.
The latter concerns all of BorisFX, not just Media100.
The cloud has the power to eradicate FX rendering times, =D.



On a more positive note, I'll say it's always been a good time for a Media100 come back, =), and now is as good a time as any, =).

We can at least be sure a Yosemite version is in the works (fingers crossed our hopes haven't been falsely raised, and they're able to pull it off), and I hope that'll be the first of a number of steps to better position Media100 to take advantage of all the various opportunities for its wider success, that are out there, =).


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Michael Slowe
Re: Is this reason enough for M100 to make a comeback?
on Mar 22, 2015 at 8:20:44 pm

As far as I'm concerned the main reason for a Media 100 comeback is that it is simply the best NLR editing software there is! As has been written many times, Media 100 does all that nearly every editor would require, it is the easiest to learn and operate BY FAR. I cannot understand why Boris is so shy of promoting it. It's not as if he has a competitor in his stable, quite the contrary, Media 100 fits so well with his other products. The unpopularity of FCP X gave him the best possible excuse to remind the world of post production of the existence and good health of Media 100, I'm amazed he didn't do it. We should (and do) ask him why?

Michael Slowe

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Andrew Mehta
Re: Is this reason enough for M100 to make a comeback?
on Mar 22, 2015 at 11:30:31 pm
Last Edited By Andrew Mehta on Mar 22, 2015 at 11:35:17 pm

I always notice how much older than me other Media 100 users appear to be. If Media100 is to grow, it needs to reach new users.

I recall this response in an interview with Rob Newman (then Media100 Product Manager), back in 2006:

"The main objective when Boris FX acquired Media 100 was to continue servicing the long-time Media 100 customers that have been loyal to us for so many years." [Source: ]

While users on these forums reading it, would have felt their custom was valued, it did worry me at the time, they were just going to service existing customers, rather than attempt to attract new customers.

Of course growing any business requires capital.
Perhaps Boris runs a tight ship!
Perhaps that's why they've made the choices they have.

Nonetheless, there are so many opportunities for getting growth capital these days, if you've a solid business plan.

Totally agree with you that Media100 is simply the best NLE out there.

Film and Video creatives all have Macs, but I think videogamers are also a huge new market (they're all making videos for Youtube and - and they are all on PC, out of necessity (the PC is the better games platform). I recently searched for a Media 100 tutorial on Youtube, and the first comment beneath it was "The bad thing is that it is Mac". [ Source: ].

Hearing about Alex giving away his iFinish system, reminded me that actually, there was a Media100i equivalent on PC too. I wonder how much work would be required to bring iFinish up to the level of the OSX version of Media 100 Suite? Then Media100 could be across both PC and Mac.

Not that I want to give BorisFX too much work where resources are limited. But since 2.15 can be hacked to run on Yosemite at present, we really ought to get a Yosemite version in the short term, and then hopefully they'll figure out their long term plan for the software.

But yes - when you acquire a business, the intention is not to end up with the walking dead, but to grow the business, so as to gain from the investment you made in taking it on in the first place.

Gotta say, I loved all the improvements they made to the software, when they first took it over though.

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