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Aligning Clips

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Marcus WarrenAligning Clips
by on Apr 26, 2014 at 11:34:23 pm

How do your align the end (or beginning) of stacked clips so that the clips end (and/or begin) at the same time?

Example: If I have built a composite on the timeline, say three or more items vertically, is there an automatic way to get them to end (or begin) at the same time without manual moving or dragging the clips? I hope that I am clear in my explanation.

This was very easy to do in Final Cut Pro legacy, but if it can be done in M100 I have failed to figure it out or to find it in the manual.
Thanks for your help.

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Jaeson KoszarskyRe: Aligning Clips
by on Jul 10, 2014 at 4:13:36 pm

I typically zoom in enough to make the manual alignment easier.

The Movieshop NLE on my nearly 20 year old DraCo had a convenient auto alignment feature. You can align to "position", "length", "attach".

Movieshop's "position" feature is what you're asking about and would be nice to have in Media100 but I don't think Media100 has an easy auto option. You can get something similar, but it's more involved. If you navigate the timeline with the cursor keys + OPTION key, it will jump the CTI to start/end points of clips on the track selected. Add a user mark there with F6. Drop you new clip on the timeline. Position the CTI at the user-mark by clicking on the user-mark. Then slide your new clip near the user-mark while holding the OPTION key. It should snap to the CTI position.

Movieshop's "attach" is like Media100's "Snap To Other Clips" option, under the tools menu.

Movieshop's "length" is related to "position". It will snap to position and adjust clip length to match. Useful for layering FX.

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Marcus WarrenRe: Aligning Clips
by on Jul 11, 2014 at 2:24:25 am

Thank you, sir. I, like you, zoom in to align, but it's not "auto" enough for me. I will try your other suggestion.

I'm an Amigan from way back so every time that you mention DraCo and Movieshop, I get all misty eyed. I never had one, but I sure wanted one. I was actually working on getting a Broadcaster Elite (Applied Magic) for my Amiga 3000. Never got further than buying the (very expensive) audio card portion of the Broadcaster Elite. I never installed it, thinking that i would get the rest of the system later, which didn't happen.

Movieshop just seems to be so far ahead of it's time. Is that your perspective? I would have loved to try it in combination with ImageFX and Wildfire. That would have been a great system.

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Jaeson KoszarskyRe: Aligning Clips
by on Jul 11, 2014 at 4:04:49 pm
Last Edited By Jaeson Koszarsky on Jul 11, 2014 at 6:29:38 pm

Movieshop was pretty cutting edge. Very high quality, better than the Toaster/Flyer, realtime playback but layered FX required rendering first. Up to 99 A/V layers on your timeline. You could nest timelines within other timelines as a single a/v track. It has a multi-cam feature that supports up to 6 clips. You can use things like Digital Juice if you exported what you want as a JPG stream (plus a separate JPG alpha channel stream), then import them into Movieshop. You could also import IFF24 & WAV (must be stereo though).

Movieshop has two basic timeline modes. A simple A/B + FX layout, and the multi-layered layout (RPN mode). RPN is Reverse Polish Notation. This is how you need to set up your clips & fx on the timeline. Once you get the hang of it, you are ok. For complex timelines, the nesting feature is handy.

You have a single bin but you can group clips together into sub-bins, like sub-folders.

You can have plug-ins like Wildfire. Monument Titler was your companion CG package, like RED is to Media100. Not so fancy today but decent enough. One quark with Monument though was that it referenced your time in PAL, whether your Movieshop project was PAL or NTSC. The Toaster/Flyer NLE was NTSC only.

With Michael Lindner's Virtual Compose (later Virtual Engine), you could do motion tracking.

The firewire add-on card is the same SONY DVBK-1/A board used with the Media100 P6000 boards. If your DraCo does have firewire, you could pick up a used Media100 with it pretty cheap and harvest the DVBK. They only implemented a/v support for firewire in Movieshop, no machine control. You could control RS232 devices with an add-on board & DraCo jog/shuttle controller.

16bit 48khz Audio I/O is only via stereo RCA unbalanced input. A 3rd party vendor, Aliendesign, made a sound card called REPULSE that worked with Movieshop. This gave you optical digital audio I/O and up to 96khz & 24bit.

Sound editing inside Movieshop is sparse. You can adjust levels, ramp with keyframing, mix tracks, but lacked filtering. A number of 3rd party apps could fill the void here. One of the more professional level apps is AudioLabs' Pro Station Audio.

The single feature I missed most in Movieshop is the inability to split a clip on the timeline. Movieshop has all these other great features & tools but that one was missing. There are workarounds that took a few extra steps.

If you get familiar with AREXX, you could create scripts to simply complex operations into easy short-cuts. You can also interface Movieshop with other applications that support AREXX, like ImageFX (Amiga's Photoshop).

Workspace set up is very flexible and you can save custom window layouts for different workflows. I wish Media100 had something similar.

The DraCo was available in tower & cube models. I've got one of each. The Cube is slightly faster.

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Jaeson KoszarskyRe: Aligning Clips
by on Sep 25, 2014 at 8:16:09 pm

I found this video on youtube that shows a DraCo in action:

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