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Paul CroweM100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Jul 25, 2013 at 6:24:29 am

hi there,

i have a requirement to upgrade my OSX (still running 10.6.8) to 10.8.4 on my macbook,
but i'm not quite ready to upgrade M100 to the latest. if i download/install snow leopard from
itunes right over the top of the existing OSX. will media 100 1.7.1 keep running?

ANy help appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Floh PetersRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Jul 25, 2013 at 9:24:54 am

There are definitely some things in V1.7.1 that won´t work under 10.8; I am not sure if it will work at all; probably not. But even if it works, some features will not be available. For example, Apple removed the oval dots at the upper right hand corner of each window to show/hide more options. Media 100 did/does use them, and so the engineers needed to implement a way to show/hide the options without the bubbles. Probably there is more like that, which I don´t remember right now.

Overall, V2.1.x is a really stable version (except for the strange Boris Red problem, where Red sometimes does not release the app back when exiting), so I would not recommend trying to run V1.7.1 on 10.8.x

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Marcus WarrenRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Jul 29, 2013 at 4:28:53 am

I understand that Media 100 is only in "maintenance mode" and no new features are forthcoming. But what about bug fixes like RED not releasing Media 100 sometimes; do you know if the Boris FX folks will at least try to perform bug fixes?

Finally, a Boris rep has confirmed that there will be a Boris RED 6. Any word on whether the current Media 100 will be able to work with 6, or is M100 Suite eternally stuck with Boris RED 5.x?

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Floh PetersRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Jul 29, 2013 at 12:27:41 pm

Good Question. I guess chances would be much better if we would find a way to reliably reproduce the issue. Right now it is somewhat difficult to say what the actual reason for the UI lockup is.

Regarding Red6: not sure about it, but I would guess that Red6 will be released only as a 64bit app. Since Media 100 is 32 bit only, I guess it will be not easy to integrate Red into Media 100. But this is only a guess from me!!! Maybe I am wrong about this.

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Jack ShepardRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 13, 2013 at 3:52:22 pm

Marcus - is the "maintenance mode only" an official statement from Borisfx that you have seen? I'm a version back and am still debating whether or not to upgrade.

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Marcus WarrenRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 14, 2013 at 1:15:25 pm

Yes. It is official. Matt at BorisFX says that Boris made the announcement at NAB back in April. Supposedly Media 100 will be updated to work with new versions of the Mac OS and third party hardware but no new features for Media 100 itself.

I don't know why that announcement was not made on this forum but I guess that it confirms that this forum is no longer an official conduit for M100 news from BorisFX

Peter at BorisFX confirmed that there will be a Boris RED 6, and in an email to Boris, Boris (paraphrasing) said that "then current" versions of Media 100 will continue to work with new versions of RED. How that will happen if "maintenance updates only" means that there will not be a 64 bit version of M100, I don't know. I guess we will have to wait for the release of RED 6 (and 7 etc.) to find out.

I don't know if this info muddies the situation for you, as far as whether to upgrade or move on, but that is the info I have been able to gather from official sources.

Which NLE might you go to?

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Jack ShepardRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 15, 2013 at 4:14:31 pm

Thanks for the info Marcus. Quite sad, I have to admit, to hear that M100 is drawing to an end. Tough to compete with Apple (these days I call it Applesoft) and Adobe - but Borisfx had done so well updating the software. It really worked well. For the most part it worked better than the other NLE's, I always thought. Too bad they never marketed it. Nobody ever knew anything about M100 except that it was a relic from the 1990's. I always thought they should have renamed the system - heck, call it Boris 100 - too separate it from the awful phases of the company in years past. Anyway, water under the bridge...

To answer your question about which NLE to go to next - I don't know. I'm torn. I'm about to start a huge project in which the later versions of M100 would be useful because there is a lot of mixed media. But it doesn't make sense to continue to use something that is discontinued (even if it is only $600 to upgrade). FCP7 is dead and I never liked its interface anyway. FCPX, I think, probably deserves another look even if my first impression wasn't a good one. I have a feeling that the next iteration of it may be a step forward. I have heard good things about Premiere lately and it is cool how all the Adobe software works together. The whole subscription plan is kind of a major turnoff though. And then there's Avid - while I hear the company is struggling at least they seem somewhat consistent which you can't say for Apple or Adobe. But the Avid interface always felt clunky in a FCP7 kind of way.

So hell, I don't know!

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Michael SloweRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 15, 2013 at 9:22:30 pm

Fellows, I'm puzzled. Why should we consider 'migrating' to another editing system? There's no way whatsoever that I'll consider doing that. Media 100 works perfectly, does all I need in editing my documentaries and Boris has confirmed that he'll keep it working with future OS updates. What are all these magical 'new features' deemed so essential? I started editing film and appreciate how similar the process is using Media 100. There have been substantial advances with the ability to lay media in the various graphics tracks and we have a complete audio mixing studio at our fingertips. Are people making such fabulous programmes with all the other systems that we have to use their kit?

I'm sure I'm going to be labelled an 'old fogey', so be it, as I say I'm puzzled.

Michael Slowe

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Robert StoneRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 16, 2013 at 8:20:30 am

Aloha Michael,

I'm another "old fogey" Right There With You!


Robert Stone

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Marcus WarrenRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 17, 2013 at 10:56:55 pm

Michael, just review all of the other posts from the last two to three years about what essential magical features we have been asking for. You'll probably still be puzzled but at least you will have your answer(s).

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Jack ShepardRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 19, 2013 at 7:41:36 pm

I agree in a lot of ways Michael. The program works really well and BorisFx did an an incredible job catching up to their competitors while maintaining that awesome interface that I have been using since 1996. For the most part all my computers, cameras, and software are compatible at the moment. When I am working with other people or need to share an XML - I can do so quite seamlessly without it mattering that I am using M100 and they are all using FCP, Avid, or Premiere.

But, if they are no longer developing the program it isn't going to stay that way forever. Maybe an XML will no longer work with FCP. Perhaps Boris FX doesn't upgrade M100 to work with 64 bit. Maybe Apple's new Mac Pro will no longer play friendly with Media 100. Maybe there will be a new Quicktime architecture shortly or Quicktime replacement. I think Boris will, in fact, keep things up to date... for awhile. But, the fact is, and I'm very sad about it, Media 100 is winding down.

If I only cut a consistent type of project perhaps it would remain feasible forever. But, I don't. Every project I work on is different - with a unique set of technical requirements or kind of footage that needs to be ingested and exported. And there is a different group of people that I need to share material with. I have no choice but to keep up with the rapid changes to technology or I limit what I can work on or dig myself into a technological hole later on.

For me, I think it is going to be a gradual transition. I'm going to use it for the near future but gradually begin moving to something else.

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Marcus WarrenRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 17, 2013 at 10:53:57 pm

Jack, here are some considerations for your next NLE. If you can hang on for the rest of the year, I believe that your chooses will become clearer: You have your own opinions about Adobe and Premiere but consider the following. Keep in mind that my thoughts include my own speculation:

Apple Final Cut Pro - supposedly when the new MacPro is released, there will be a new version of FCP that will take advantage of all of the wonderful tech in the new MP. Presumably, that also means a new version of FCP that also has new features for "everyone else" as well.

Blackmagic Design's daVinci - The forthcoming version ten includes an NLE so editing and grading will be very simple to do in one application. The editing capability may be rather basic in this first try, but I suspect the BMD wants to turn DaVinci into a capable editor down the road. From what I've read, the editor will also be included in the free version of DaVinci.

Blender - This open source 3D application has had a built in editor for a while. It too is rather basic, I've read, and the application does not do media capture. But Tears of Steel was edited with it, and the editor (called the VSE) is a top priority on the development list. And being open-source, Blender is free.

Edit Share's Lightworks - I expect that you will see the beta version of Lightworks for Mac later this year. It might be a worth a look. The current Pro version of the software sells for a subscription rate of $60 a year.

FX Home's HitFilm - The Mac version is scheduled to debut in November and I suspect that means a new version will be released for all platforms. It seems that the NLE capabilities are basic, but I would expect those features to deepen, and with all else that you can do in HitFilm, it looks quite capable.

Media 100 - I am not sure how BorisFX will reconcile Media 100 with newer versions of BorisRED but while there are supposedly no new features for M100, perhaps new versions of BorisRED will make up for that. BorisFX is giving assurances that M100 will play well with future OSX updates (one is coming soon) and 3rd party devices.

Sony Vegas Pro - Nothing has been said about porting Vegas Pro to Mac that I am aware of but Sony now has two pro-level software applications that are available for Mac, where there were none before. The top of the line packaging of Vegas Pro includes HitFilm and we know that FxHome is developing a Mac version of HitFilm. Can a Mac version of Vegas Pro be far behind?

My thoughts? Wait until the end of the year (or end of Q1, 2014) to decide and see how all of the above shakes out. You will have a lot of choices. Avid's financial picture may become clearer and Adobe's CC implementation may go through some minor tweaks. You might decide to stick with M100.

I am waiting to see how M100 plays with the next version of RED. Even if there are no new M100 features, per se, will M100 have to become a 64 bit app to play with RED or will the M100-specific version of RED have to be "dumbed down" to 32 bits, or is there a hybrid solution that Boris is working on? I think that we will have all of our answers for all of the software mentioned as early as November and not later than March, 2014.

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Jack ShepardRe: M100 1.7.1 & Osx 10.8.4
by on Aug 19, 2013 at 7:47:55 pm

Hey Marcus,

Thanks for the rundown. You certainly have done your research! I definitely think you have the right idea of seeing where the dust settles.

I am probably going to do one last upgrade of M100. I still love the program and want to use it as long as possible because I could edit on it in my sleep. But I am going to start the transition over to something else this fall/beginning of next year.

Thanks again for the info.

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