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Relink media from Pro Res AVCHD files

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Mark MooneyRelink media from Pro Res AVCHD files
by on Jun 4, 2013 at 3:46:38 pm

I have run into an issue with relinking media .. Why can't i relink AVCHD footage that has been converted to PRORES.. and the file names are the same ...? It must be something hidden in the metadata.. is there anyway to do a workaround ...?

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Floh PetersRe: Relink media from Pro Res AVCHD files
by on Jun 6, 2013 at 4:12:46 pm

Each file that gets "fast imported" into Media 100 gets an ID written into its QuickTime header. This is how Media 100 can decide which of 2 clips with identical names is the right one to use.

There is no "easy" or official way to link to new files. But (in case you are somewhat adventurous), I did something for a project lately where I was facing similar issues.

What I did was to export an XML from the timeline I wanted to relink, and then manually (or with a find/replace command for groups of clips) I did replace the media file filepath in the XML file via a Texteditor. Then I used the "update Media from XML" command to link to the new files while keeping the edits and effects intact.

Make sure to make a copy of your timeline before doing the "Update Media from XML", because it will replace the clips on your current timeline; it does not create a copy or something.

If you have questions, juts post them here.

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Mark MooneyRe: Relink media from Pro Res AVCHD files
by on Jun 7, 2013 at 3:03:17 am

Thank you Floh for the quick response !
Question .. Might be silly one .. How do I know what the correct linking filename for the media is .. Since my fines have been lost .. I show for instance prores file name. as .. But that is all I show ..
Assuming there is more to the file path name?

Thanks again..

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