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Importing media from Firestore FS-100 drive?

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Ben PriceImporting media from Firestore FS-100 drive?
by on Oct 22, 2010 at 9:45:11 pm

I have a bunch of DVCProHD video in .MOV format from a commercial shoot that was recorded on a Firestore FS-100 drive. The drive was imaged and a copy was provided to me to edit from. I've never worked with this type of import set-up and I'm sure I'm missing a simple step. But, I've looked on-line, read everything on the Cow forums, and referred to the FS-100 documentation without success. So, I turn to you...

I'm trying to get the video from this drive image into my M-100 system (v1.6.2) as clips. Right now, all I have are a bunch of 2GB files that are a run-on of multiple clips put together. I understand that this is 'normal' for how the device records, but is there no way to get access to the original start/stop clips as recorded by the camera? The provided written logs that I have from the shoot refer to the take number and also occasionally list TC information. I know I can bring everything onto a timeline and chop it back up into individual clips, but this will add significant time. How do you work with this device?

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Ben PriceRe: Importing media from Firestore FS-100 drive?
by on Oct 22, 2010 at 11:43:36 pm

Spent some more time digging through Cow Archives. Looks like I'm SOL and will have to manually locate and isolate each clip.

As I understand it from posts dating back a number of years, in order to get access to the start/stop clips, the client would have had to make a reference movie before handing off the files. As there are no ref files on the disk image, I'm guessing my options are limited.

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Michael SloweRe: Importing media from Firestore FS-100 drive?
by on Oct 23, 2010 at 10:28:03 am

Ben presumably the .mov file is just one single file with all the video as one timeline as we would get when exporting a programme from Media 100? Surely the only way is for you to import in the normal way in whatever codec you select and split it all up again as you intimated in your earlier post. If you're lucky each clip (take) will have some indication of division such as a clapper, audible note or black. It's not a working day today so your advice will be limited but I don't see how you can split the file before import but I may be completely wrong.

Michael Slowe

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