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Robert SlenkerMulticlip advice
by on Nov 3, 2009 at 3:19:44 pm

Hey guys!

Beginning to try my hand at MultiClip editing (Suite v1.0.1 - SD footage.) I'm excited and have watched Floh's tutorial 2 or 3 times.

I shot a wedding a couple weekends ago and shot it w/ two P2 cameras. Timecode was not synced and one Cam was started before the other. Cam1 had two wireless mics hooked to it (chan1-pastor and chan2-vocalists.) Cam2 had a line feed from sound board-chan1 and nat. sound-chan2...the nat. won't be used in final mix.)

Question 1: I'm having trouble creating a multiclip w/ all the P2 footage. You know P2 comes into an editor in ~20min segments. It looks like Media100 is wanting sync marks on the 2nd and 3rd P2 clips from each camera too. Does it need them? Setting up a MultiClip w/ just the 1st segments of P2 footage from Cam1 and Cam2 using sync marks is easy. What am I missing to get all 3 P2 Cam1 clips on the same MultiClip timeline in succession and all 3 P2 Cam2 clips on the same MultiClip timeline in succession? I couldn't just drag them from my bin into the MultiClip timeline. I assume it all has to be setup properly when creating the MultiClip timeline.

Question 2: It looks like editing the audio of all these different tracks would be done on the MultiClip timeline too but for some reason, raising or lowering my wireless mic tracks levels isn't doing anything. Basically, the feed from the board would be good enough to use as the sole audio track but the vocalists sang to some prerecorded music tracks and the level of the music was a bit loud in comparison the vocalists' audio coming from the sound board. I figure I can lower the board's feed a bit and raise my vocalists' wireless mic feed and balance it out.

Hope this isn't too hard to understand. Just need some advice on MultiClip editing from folks who've done it and have found some good work flows using P2...or whatever. =)


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Robert SlenkerRe: Multiclip advice
by on Nov 5, 2009 at 1:52:33 pm

Nevermind guys. Couldn't wait so I did it the old fashioned way. =(

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