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Disappearing Time FX Clips (final round?)

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Wickham StrubDisappearing Time FX Clips (final round?)
by on Sep 2, 2009 at 3:27:14 am

Felix pointed us in the right direction and we're pretty sure we came up with a fix late today (Tuesday, September 1st). It will be in a fresh "QA Build" tomorrow morning and we'll test the daylights out of it in hopes of including it soon in an upcoming maintenance release.

In the meantime... we've also got a fairly painless workaround. If you have a clip that exhibits this behavior, simply re-importing the source media file will "fix" it. After the import, any effects applied will render correctly.

If you've got a whole lot to do you can collect them all in a new Bin and then choose "Export from Bin" in the AppleScript menu (up near the Help menu). This script will export all clips in the active Bin to the folder of your choosing as By-Reference movies, honoring any in/out points set on the clips. Once they are exported (a quick process because they're By-Ref) you can then simply re-import them all into M100 (also very quick). The resulting clips should behave correctly.

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Felix HalterRe: Disappearing Time FX Clips (final round?)
by on Sep 2, 2009 at 5:08:25 am

Thanks Wick!

The workaraund is great for Time FX clips which are probably very few in a timeline. I have a lot of static "freeze" clips which behave the same way and so I'm very happy to hear that there will be a fix in a future version.

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Wickham StrubRe: Disappearing Time FX Clips (final round?)
by on Sep 4, 2009 at 2:19:59 pm


I want to be sure you understand that the workaround "should" work on any TimeFX, including FreezeFrames.


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