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EX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow

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Paul CroweEX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow
by on Jun 22, 2009 at 5:12:18 am

Hi Folks,

I'm looking into beefing up the captures specs of my Sony Ex3. But as a M100 editors, obviously I'm interested to see how doing this is going to effect my M100 V13.0.1 (AJA/Kona card, on a G5Quad) workflow.

Has anyone here had any experience with footage from an EX3 and convergent design's nanoflash XDR set up?

If so I was wondering how you've found its use with M100? The blurb mentioned compatability with many of the main NLEs but no mention of M100. But I'm sort of assuming it'll work fine because of the QT format (are people using the native MXF or QT formats in M100? - what's the benefits of either format?)

This is a fact finding mission at this point so any comments, experiences/pros and cons greatly appreciated.


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David IsskoRe: EX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow
by on Jun 23, 2009 at 4:59:19 am

Hi Paul,

Just to clear up a minor point to your post, CD has 2 products.
The first is the XDR, which is a relatively large recorder that utilises up to 4 CF cards. This unit is currently available. The second is the nanoflash, which is 90% the same as the XDR, but is smaller in size and is pretty much targeted at the EX & other HSSDI/SDI cameras and any HDMI camera such as the V1.

I have an EX3 and I have an order for one of the first nanoflash recorders, which will be available early July. I have M100 HDe and I too am looking at the very best way to import the nanoflash's 422 recordings.

It looks like a magical box and I cannot wait to try it out. Once I have it, I will experiment with it and post my findings.

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Paul CroweRe: EX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow
by on Jun 23, 2009 at 7:02:06 am

Hi David,

thanks for that. Yes it's the later nano flash unit I am interested in. So I'm looking forward to hear your experience with it.

You may have noticed CD have not made any specific mention of M100 but have mentioned FCP, Avid and Premier etc. But as I say QT should do the trick. I'm guessing you'll be able to import clips straight from the card reader to M100? Hmm, or will it come with some clip browsing software?


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David IsskoRe: EX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow
by on Jun 24, 2009 at 12:35:36 am

There is the all too important Sony Clip Browser for moving the data files off the SxS card(s) and onto other storage meduims. I use 2 x 500Gb Rugged and then move them onto 2 internals in my macpro. I have always got at least 2 of everything.

The Clip Browser is important in that it carries out a cyclic redundancy check after transferring the files. Currently I use Sony's second software called XDCAM EX Transfer to import into M100. I use Apple ProRez 422 HQ codec for all of my HD editing except for some very special edits that may require uncompressed.

It takes a little time to import but I set it up for the transfer/import, go away to carry out other jobs and by the time I return, the importing is usually completed. I do not know exactly how the NF with its QT files will work but I will let you know in due course as the NF does not record in the same way as SxS.

Best wishes

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Paul CroweRe: EX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow. a bit OT now...
by on Jun 24, 2009 at 2:43:30 am

Right, thanks heaps.

This is great info for me right now because I'm just testing all this. I've got some test shoot days coming up where I'm mostly going to mess about with different record settings. I've done some initial shooting on the ex3 and used my Powerbook to transfer the files from the camera to a FW800 drive using sonys transfer tools. It worked ok but I ended up just transferring QT files which I understand isn't ideal. I need the other folders and stuff right? (still getting my head around all this)

I also have a G5 Quad but I'm looking into a new Mac pro right now.

Anyway, how are you finding the ProRezz 422 HQ codec?

I'd be keen to hear what your experience editing uncompressed was like as well, and how your uncompressed workflow works. IE codecs, project settings. Import/Export settings in and out of M100, AE, Color etc if you've done all that?

Thanks again for sharing this with me.


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David IsskoRe: EX3/XDR nanoflash M100 workflow. a bit OT now...
by on Jun 24, 2009 at 9:28:31 pm

As one would reasonably expect, M100 works perfectly with PR422 HQ, which is what I use all the time for HD projects. AE integrates perfectly too with M100, just export the AE clip wih the same codec as you are using in M100, the best editing system around!!!

Uncompressed HD edits with the same ease as 422 as I have a Caldigit hdpro box that works uncompressed in its stride. I don't work with color.

Hope this helps.

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