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Setting up a legacy v8.2.3a system

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Robert L. KopfSetting up a legacy v8.2.3a system
by on Jun 4, 2009 at 9:57:48 pm

Since I don't really know whether or not my P6000 board works, I'm going to setup another v8.2.3a system alongside this one. After I get that one working, I'll look into what's wrong with this one. I don't want to start switching things around in this one, in case I can't remember how to go back after doing so.

To that end, I'm wondering what Mac I should find to host that system. The one I have now is a mirror door type. It works fine. But it is kinda noisy. Do you have any recommendations for (quieter maybe) Mac models that'll work with the old P6000 type Media 100's? I'll be running in uncompressed mode sometimes. I don't know whether or not that matters.

I need this machine in my ingest bay. I have FCS2 and other Media 100s elsewhere. I may add newer Media 100 SDe Suites and HDe Suites. But if this doesn't work out, I may just bail out of Media 100s instead.

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Floh PetersRe: Setting up a legacy v8.2.3a system
by on Jun 5, 2009 at 8:31:49 pm

If you want the fastest system possible with P6000, you could get a G5 with PCI-X slots and a PCI Expansion chassis. Or get a fast G4, but the performance difference between the G4 and G5 systems was huge.

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Robert L. KopfRe: Setting up a legacy v8.2.3a system
by on Jun 8, 2009 at 3:00:07 pm

Thanks very much for the reply. But speed isn't a big deal in this instance. I was running my old one on a mirror door G4 (dual 1G). But I'd like to have a quieter machine that runs much cooler. If the performance for doing things like digitizing footage, and cuts/dissolves-only editing would be ok, I'd be perfectly happy with another G4, like a Quicksilver. I will probably move the digitized footage to a newer Mac to be edited on either Media 100 ver 13 or FCP, then to be authored into a DVD using DVDSP. Does anyone here know what Quicksilver machine is the one I should get (to be the most stable, cool-running, quiet and fast enough?

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