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Exporting file and letterbox issue.

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Tom WolfeExporting file and letterbox issue.
by on Mar 11, 2009 at 7:13:32 pm

For as long as I know, this has been an annoying issue. If I edit a program in HD and I want to export out a clip for client, to be emailed, of course I need to knock down the window size and compress it down to under 5 Mb. If I choose to use 352 x 288 for the size, in order to see the whole HD picture, you would choose to click the box that says, "Preserve aspect ratio" and then choose the pulldown that gives you the option to letterbox it. But, in Media 100 it has never worked. It always has worked in QT Pro. But never in Media 100. Is it me or does everyone else have this problem? You would think it would behave just like QT.

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Wickham StrubRe: Exporting file and letterbox issue.
by on Mar 11, 2009 at 8:58:04 pm

Hi Tom,

The truth is that there are more than a few things that don't work right when you choose "Other:" while exporting. It's on our list of "things that would be nice to fix" (if we can), but it usually gets pushed back for new features or show-stopping bugs. Because of this, exporting a Self-Contained or By-Reference movie and then running THAT through QuickTime Pro is the most reliable way (for now) IF you want letterboxing in your exported file.

Having said that... if I understand what you're doing correctly, I'm not so sure you really DO want the letterbox in your exported file.

If you're working on an HD Program, which is 16x9, and you want to send a small, compressed version of it for the client to see on their computer, why not export a movie in a 16x9 aspect ratio so it just opens up in QuickTime player at the correct aspect ratio?

This has a few of advantages:

- You don't need to involve another application.
- You only need to export once.
- You aren't adding to the file size with black bars top and bottom.
- It looks cool when it opens up 16x9.

Using your mention of 352x288 as a guide, I just tried the following and thought it looked pretty good:

- Other: QuickTime Movie
- Click "Options"
- Set "Size..." to 480 x 270 (leave everything else alone)
- I set my compressor to H.264 and set the Key Frames to Every 300 frames (10 times the frame rate)

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Tom WolfeRe: Exporting file and letterbox issue.
by on Mar 12, 2009 at 6:06:55 pm

As always, Wick, your advice and honesty is appreciated.

Tom Wolfe
Christopher Blanton Productions

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