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Doug CalhounGRaid-2 2TB
by on Jan 21, 2009 at 8:00:39 pm

I'm struggling to get a Graid 2 2TB drive to play imported graphics (video) in M100 v8.2.3.a on a G5. I get a "Could not play because the video data format is invalid" error, when playing media imported into M100. I sometimes get an unrecoverable error as well. ONLY when using this drive however and it's a new drive from Graid.

My graphics are exported from AE as animations, lower field first at D1 720X486 which is the same as my M100 program. They render in fine upon import, but won't play back.

Any suggestions or advice on how to proceed? Have been using SCSI drives through an UL3D Atto Card as well as another FW drive with no issue.

The drive will play a vid track with an unrendered graphic and 4 audio tracks and effects no problem, scan audio flawlessly etc. Only seems the footage via import issue.

Any input appreciated.

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Floh PetersRe: GRaid-2 2TB
by on Jan 21, 2009 at 8:08:44 pm

There are several points where this issue could come from.

First, how is this Raid connected? I guess since you are using a G5 with Media 100, you are working with a Expansion Chassis, in which the P6000 board is located. And your SCSI card is probably also in the expansion chassis? Where is the card that connects to the RAID?
Then, are you rendering from AE directly into the Media 100 codec? If yes, try limiting the data rate (in the AE output module->Format Options), e.g. to 8000KB/s, and turn off Lossless compression.
Does "regular" video material digitized to the RAID play back correctly? Mabye there is some sort of performance problem or misconfiguration with the setup.

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Doug CalhounRe: GRaid-2 2TB
by on Jan 21, 2009 at 10:57:58 pm


the Graid 2 is connected directly to the G5 via a FW 800 cable and is formatted exactly as delivered from GTech. The M100 P6000 is in the expansion chassis, the SCSI card is in the Mac, not the expansion chassis.

I'm not rendering directly to a M100 codec, I'm rendering to Animation codec and importing via M100 and it's rendering it in to it's codec.

All other footage digitized through the card plays back fine from the drive. I've digitized 40 secs of 300 kb, created a graphic, effected to another (dissolves/wipes etc.) clip and back and added 4 tracks of audio and it plays and scrubs across it fine.

It seems to only be the clips I import into M100 that are from AE and only on this drive. My lacie FW800 drives operate flawlessly.

Does the drive need to be formatted as a Raid 0 since it has two internal drives that total 1.8TB? Gtech says no....

The same clip imported onto a Lacie Drive works perfectly....

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