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Memory Allocation Failed.

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Mike RoweMemory Allocation Failed.
by on Jan 16, 2009 at 8:15:47 pm

I have been doing many QT file conversion to alternate formats and have discovered that exporting from Media 100 12.5 edit suite, I have developed the inability to create AVI and WMV files. Either exporting directly from the edit suite or using Cleaner 6.0, my Mac Pro 4 core 3.0 GHz crashes. Now I can't export anything and I'm getting this "memory allocation failed" error. I'm running Mac OS 10.5. Any insight would be much appreciated!

Mike Rowe

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Chris ClephaneRe: Memory Allocation Failed.
by on Jan 16, 2009 at 8:46:17 pm

No answers...just observations from our dark little edit bay's....

THAT STATED: We do see the EXACT same problem you are having on one of our 10.4 systems.
On our newer machines (10.5+) we switched to Flip4Mac for our (WMV/AVI) conversions and are getting better results. (Newer codecs, smaller files and MUCH better looking video). Since the current versions of Flip (WMV) and ON2 (FLV/SWF) arrived...we are not a fans of Cleaner anymore. Cleaner became highly problematic for us past version 10.4.9 of OSX. WHY?: We have owned Cleaner for years...and have to do multiple installs (Installing V4....then upgrading from 5 to 6 and applying patches) The installs are painful and problematic. Discreet barely pretends to support the product anymore. There has not been a numeric update since I bought one of the first Dual 2.0 G5 machines....sad.
That stated...we also have a SIMILAR problem on one of our newer systems (10.5.5 Media 100 V13)'s just a flip/flop of YOUR results:
"After encoding WMV's using Flip through the Quicktime or M100 dialog....we are unable to (subsequently) export MPEG-4 without errors."
A restart is required to restore normal creation of MPEG-4 (.m4v) files. As soon as we create another WMV or AVI export...(.m4v) creation AGAIN results in errors.

In this situation (since it happens regardless of the Media 100 export dialog OR the Quicktime dialog) It seems to be more of a FLIP issue or Quicktime library issue than a Media 100 issue I am guessing.

So...Hmmm...since you are probably not running FLIP....QT Library MAY be where the root of all our problems exist....I would check all of your CODEC versions, etc. for compatibility...I will poke around on this end and see if I can find anything that raises questions....


WICK....does the Media100 application export dialog access the QT Libraries to encode/rewrap to AVI, or does it have its own implementation?
(Pretty sure I know the answer...but just checking...)

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Chris ClephaneMemory Jarred....
by on Jan 16, 2009 at 9:08:19 pm

Just an additional thought (memory suddenly jarred!)
Rereading your machine and config is what jarred my memory.
Our problems with Cleaner began just after we migrated to the INTEL machines....

....OUR Main reason for restricting our use of Cleaner to OLDER machines (10.4) and G4/G5 was BECAUSE it interfered with the AVI/WMV creation on our newer INTEL machines.

My theory is that Cleaner installed legacy code (doesn't do a correct version check) that REPLACED newer code in the QT libraries and therefore created incompatibilities with some of our other newer apps....

This was evidenced initially by the demo message "MADE BY CLEANER" appearing MANY places it should not be.
The MBC Message suddenly began appearing on files output from other applications when the WMV and AVI codes were spite of the fact the CLEANER was fully licensed and installed properly.

CLEANER is probably your problem. ( REAL updates in the past....4-ish years....!)

Remove Cleaner and try installing Flip. It may solve your problems and restore the codecs/libraries to their required state.

I edit video. I post sometimes.
I fix things. I eat marshmallows.
I play drums. I drink scotch.
I like TV.

Done typing now.

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Wickham StrubRe: Memory Allocation Failed.
by on Jan 17, 2009 at 1:54:24 am

I'll check with the big brains on this one to be sure, but I'm thinking that once you choose the "Other" option, it's out of our hands.


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