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Issues redigitising audio in v13

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Peter StewartIssues redigitising audio in v13
by on Oct 27, 2008 at 5:37:41 pm


Hopefully this is just an odd glitch on our system that is easily sorted out, but thought I'd put it out to see if anyone has had the same problem.

I have installed the latest version of M100 v13 on M100 HD Suite, the problem came up when I brought in a timeline from 12.7, some of the audio media had gone missing so I attempted to redigitise. When the Batch Digitise window appeared, the track listing showed nothing for the media I wanted to redigitise. When i hit the redigitise button it cues the tape correctly, plays the tape, the window says it's acquiring media, but the bar stays empty while the tape just continues to play indefinately.

I tried using the combination of buttons which forces the audio format, but still had the same issue, no A1 or A2 in the track listing.

Out of curiosity I moved one of the clips (none of which were on timeline tracks 1 or 2) to the top two tracks on the timeline and hit redigitise again, the listing came up with A1 or A2. This was still at odds with the channels it should have been digitising.

I started shuffling the tracks around on the timeline and noticed that the audio channel it was trying to redigitise from the tape was directly associated with which track the audio channel happened to be on in the timeline.

if the audio clip is on Track 1 it wants to redigitise from Channel 1 on the source tape
if the audio clip is on Track 2 it wants to redigitise from Channel 2 on the source tape
if the audio clip is on any other track it won't redigitise

I exported the timeline as an edl and reimported that just out of curiosity, I had the same result, although this time it acknowledged all tracks, so if the clip was in track 4 of the timeline it wanted to redigitise from channel 4 on the source tape.

I hope this make sense and I've not just confused everyone.


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Wickham StrubRe: Issues redigitising audio in v13
by on Oct 27, 2008 at 6:16:01 pm

Hi Peter,

This is actually something that I've been working on with one of our Engineers for about a week now. We're pretty sure that we've got a handle on it and are very close to a fix but I would love it if you could zip up and send me your Program so that I can see if there's anything unique in there that we've missed.

Please send it to with my name, Wick, in the subject line.


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Peter StewartRe: Issues redigitising audio in v13
by on Oct 27, 2008 at 8:19:50 pm

Hi Wick,

No problem, it won't be until the PM tomorrow, UK time, but I'll sort out a file for you to have a look at.


Freelance Editor (UK)

Current Projects : The Forgotten Painter (ITV) / Jack Blond (Short Film)

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