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Optimum dual boot G4/processor Media100 Combo?

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Jason AndreOptimum dual boot G4/processor Media100 Combo?
by on Oct 6, 2008 at 3:08:00 pm

I have a bunch of old G4's in my warehouse and a ton of old versions of media 100 and I'm trying to build the best system possible with what I have. So basically whats the latest version of Media100 I can run on a G4? And what is the highest most optimum G4/processor combo to run that version? I would like to possibly have a dual boot system with OS9 and OS10 so I'm looking at two different software versions on one G4...

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Wickham StrubRe: Optimum dual boot G4/processor Media100 Combo?
by on Oct 6, 2008 at 5:48:33 pm

Sure, you can do that.

As for the worked fine in every G4 made. So, pick the fastest one you've got and either put two drives in it or partition the system disk to get started.

Both v7.5.1 and v8.2.3a use the same firmware (03.18.2002), so both versions on two different startup disks can use the same card.

On the OSX side:

-Media 100 i topped out at v8.2.3a (released March of 2006)

-The lastest OS we officially tested with was v10.4.5 (released in February of 2006). However, anecdotal evidence suggests that you can go all the way to OS 10.4.11.

-It was only officially tested up to QuickTime 7.0.4 (released in January of 2006). It's possible that later versions are okay too but there's less info out there about this (probably because most people are more in tune with their OS version than their QuickTime version).


Setting up the OS 9 side is a bit simpler:

- Install OS 9.anything and keep running software update till the OS tops out at v9.2.2 and it doesn't offer you any more updates.

- Media 100 i v7.5.1 is the last version that works on OS 9.

- The last OS 9 version of Boris Graffiti was v2.1.1.

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Jason AndreRe: Optimum dual boot G4/processor Media100 Combo?
by on Oct 6, 2008 at 6:42:01 pm

Thanks heaps!!

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Robert SlenkerRe: Optimum dual boot G4/processor Media100 Combo?
by on Oct 7, 2008 at 1:40:13 pm

Further proof; I have a Media100i system (v.8.2.1) that's been running like a champ for years. It's running on a Mac G4 867 MHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM, OS 10.4.11, QT 7.5 (I will not install new QT!!) and a Vincent Card. Renders could be faster but it still edits fine. I also have a couple systems running Producer 11.6.

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