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Worst day update

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David IsskoWorst day update
by on Aug 23, 2008 at 11:40:59 pm

While I continue to find suitable work arounds to my glitches problems, my local supplier is sourcing another LHe board to swap over to ascertain whether it's the hardware.

Another issue that sprung up is the rendering of transitions and titles (scroll) have the same type of glitches as tape capturing. When I recapture, the glitches are either gone (yay) or sometimes happen in other parts of the clip that was not affected in the initial capture.

The best solution I found was to transfer the HDV tapes to SxS and import them. There was a 90% reduction of the number of glitches by this method, to me, pointing to hardware problem. I might be wrong but in order to fix this problem, I hope I'm right after swapping out the LHE boards.

Update as soon as I have new info. So for the time being, tape is transferred to SxS or I persist with short edits by capturing a few times & literally hoping that all is OK.

If anyone is interested in what the glitches look like, I have a QT of the computer screen.

Please note that this problem extends to SD tapes/projects as well, not just with HDV. I tried capturing in ALL different ways that my M100 will allow without luck.
Hey Media100, anyone reading? Can you offer some assistance please?


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Floh PetersRe: Worst day update
by on Aug 24, 2008 at 8:16:56 am

One thing you definitely should try while waiting for your new board is to get a second internal HD (or a FireWire drive) and do a clean install of OSX 10.5 plus the latest software updates onto it. Then install V12.7.1 and the Kona 5.1.NDD drivers (make sure not to use the Kona 6.0 drivers since they are currently not supported). If you want you also can install FCP for the Quicktime codecs.
Then look if your system performs as expected. If you see the same problems on a fresh installation then it is extremely likely that you have a hardware problem.
The only point that is somewhat suspicious is that you also see the glitches on rendered footage, which should not have it if the fault is on the input side of your hardware. Do you see the same glitches in the "record window" in Media 100, or is it only on the hardware output?

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David IsskoRe: Worst day update
by on Aug 24, 2008 at 11:56:24 am

Love your post Floh!!!!

And thanks for your sensible advice.

Oh yes, I was going to do just that! Grab one of my Lacie drives, empty it, and load OS 10.5 on it followed by 12.7.1, FCP & 5.1.1

I am going to see what my supplier comes up with tomorrow (Monday) and follow up that way. It was one of my first thoughts but I had to complete clients' work. I just need to find 2hrs to do it (and I will just have to!!!). Yes I' know it's a priority to rid my computer of this problem. Probably do it on Monday afternoon after I finish with my morning client.

Fault comes up on hardware output (main 50" Pioneer plasma) AND record window, both showing up EXACTLY the same glitches.

Thanks again for your input.

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David IsskoRe: Worst day update
by on Aug 25, 2008 at 7:48:08 am

I spent all afternoon installing OS + 12.7.1 + 5.5 + FCP.

Interestingly, pictures seem to be stable however, lip sync is out on a regular basis and on one capture, audio was repeating itself every second (echo) together with white noise.

Have to do more captures.

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