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Levels in Media100HD

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JAMES LuckelLevels in Media100HD
by on Nov 28, 2007 at 12:09:19 am

Using both Media100 HD and After Effects. We run into an issue that baffles us somewhat. If material is created in AE (font, etc) that is at or approaching white in AE, when rendered into the M100HD 10 bit codec and imported into M100, those whites come in at 120 ire (on internal wfm)

If footage is brought into AE (video files captured into 8 or 10 bit HD codec) direct from M100 to AE with overbrights (small highlight areas that might show 105-115 ire on internal wfm) when roundtripped those are not maintained.

if i apply an incoming levels affect to footage (as though it was 16-235 material) to expand levels and a second levels to compress on the way out it brings the internally generated (fonts etc) material back to where it should be when rendered into a m100hd codec, but obviously does nothing for maintaining the overbrights of the original footage.

What's going on? What are others doing for pipeline issues between AE and M100? My AE rig is on a different box so footage gets moved from the Array.

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FlohRe: Levels in Media100HD
by on Nov 29, 2007 at 2:17:21 pm

The question is what you really want to achieve. Media 100 can use a wider range of levels than the broadcast safe area, and when translating something into AE the whole range is used. Legal levels are between RGB 16 and 235, as you say.
If you create elements in AE you either can create them for a legal range of 16 to 235 (using e.g. Levels filters), or you can feed your SDI out from your Media 100 system through a legalizer, which will limit your signal into the broadcast save range (clipping your highlights and fixing Gamut Issues).

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JAMES LuckelRe: Levels in Media100HD
by on Nov 29, 2007 at 2:55:38 pm

THis is what I have been doing. But with AE CS3, 601 luma is supposed to be detected "automatically" thru mediacore and therefore, they have removed the little "ITU-R601 Luma Levels" checkbox in intrep footage menu. But Media 100 footage is not be correctly detected, so its back to applying a levels filter to every incoming clip I guess. I am not sure how Adobe is dectecting. Bottom line is that you may not be able to protect overbrights when roundtripping thru AE?

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