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OMF consolidate function.

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Boogerd17OMF consolidate function.
by on Oct 25, 2007 at 1:52:46 pm

Does enyone know if the OMF option for media100i and for media100 HD has a consolidate function.

I want to make an omf export of my timeline but if i do that the OMF file will get to big because it exports the entire source media, my timeline is build out of about 50 tapes each wilth a duration of fourty five minutes. I want to give each clip an overlenght, how can i do that?

Hope somebody can help me.

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FlohRe: OMF consolidate function.
by on Oct 25, 2007 at 2:05:54 pm

The OMF has no consolidate as far as I know.

There would be several ways to achieve what you want to do. You either could split up your timeline in shorter parts, and export each part individually to avoid getting over the limit. Or you could create a copy of your timeline and reacquire all used clips with the trim handles set to the length you want to include into your OMF file. Make sure to turn off "delete replaced media" in the batch reacquire settings to avoid deleting your original files, though.

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Boogerd17Re: OMF consolidate function.
by on Oct 26, 2007 at 7:37:53 am

Hi Floh,

thanx for the quick reply.

It's not an option for me to reacquire the clips because i have to reacquire the video and i use the original audio to check if the video is reaquired right (in case of tapes that have a timecode break).
The other option you gave was to split up my program and export each part individually. In the end i have a couple of export but togeter the exports will be very big. And it will still take a lot of time to make several exports.
Are there any other options?

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