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Broadcast LIVE - initial thoughts before bed

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AjmetzBroadcast LIVE - initial thoughts before bed
by on Jun 20, 2007 at 3:41:07 am

Was cool to get my hands on the latest build of Media100, and have a play around with it, and compare render times of effects with those of my current system.

Cypher seemed to be a little better than the Digital Garage lot last year who seemed quite clumsey. But I was still a bit miffed I seemed to know my way around the app way better than them, with questions about features often met with shrugs of shoulders.

Walk over to the Avid stand, and I got a proper run-through / demonstration from someone passionate, also blatantly a salesman, but still, a really good personal demonstration of the software. Was a shame I didn't get such a comprehensive overview on the Media100 stand, but then, to be fair, potential customers such as me already know lots about the software, and read up about it online too, and owning a previous version, I perhaps didn't need an overview of the basics at least.

And they did give me a free Media100 disc which apparently has an overview of the software and features on it, so I'll have a look at that tommorrow.

It was pretty damn quiet though.
I sat down with 11.6 HDe, for a couple of hours, whilst a distributor covered for the staff's trip to the pub.

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Michael SloweRe: Broadcast LIVE - initial thoughts before bed
by on Jun 20, 2007 at 10:57:57 am

You are being a bit un fair because I don't think Cypher had much preparation for this and only did it for another company who were not able to be there themselves. Media 100 as you know had no official representation at the show and I think they should have although Boris himself made the effort to be there last year. I too was able to 'play' with the set up and found version 11.6 to be very similar to my own 11.5.1 on the old G5 with the Media 100 board but it did seem faster!

Of course Avid were spectacular, they deal with most of the main producers in the industry! Their presentation was good but I prefer the media management of Media 100, but then I am a fan and being a simple soul won't consider using anything else!

Great show for seeing kit and meeting friends and contacts in the business.
Most impressed with the Panasonic Deck (F1400?) which has SDI in and seems to handle almost everthing, ideal for mastering HD rather than renting the huge and expensive Sony HDCAM deck.

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AjmetzRe: Broadcast LIVE - initial thoughts before bed
by on Jun 20, 2007 at 2:41:17 pm

Yeah, I probably was being harsh. ^_^ I love my Media100 really,
and Daniel seemed pretty clued up, just some of his co-workers weren't.

I think Media100 sponsored or subsidised their exhibiting, so Cypher were moreorless their representation at the show.

Was impressed with the Avid reseller, but not because of a flashy stand. Just the fact the guy guides you through the programme, and gave me a good overview, which I didn't get with Media100. But again, it was redundant anyway, since I already knew Media100 and it's so easy too. =) So rather than ask too much about it, I just sat down with it right away, and had a good go. ^_^.

So, yeah, sorry for sounding harsh - probably just the train trip back and subsequent lack of sleep, making me grumpy ^_^. But I do still think the staff could have done proper presentations of the product.
Then again, they may have done with other people who were newer to it than me, I wouldn't know. I was only at the show for 2-3 hours.

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