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Adding Filters & Grads - a la Top Gear

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AlexAdding Filters & Grads - a la Top Gear
by on May 31, 2007 at 8:21:52 am


I am trying to put some filter effects over some travel footage to make it look more glossy. I'd like to pump the saturation in some shots, just using M100s settings, but also add some edges either in a light orange or dark grey and can't work out how to do it in Boris. I also have after effects but I'm trying to cut down on render times by doing it all in M100 itself (though i know i'll have to render within the HD platform!).

If anyone is familiar with the BBC motor show Top Gear, this is where I am gleaning inspiration from, though it looks to me as though most of their effects are acheived using filters on location. I am using HD Cam footage shot clean with no filters - it's good footage, I just want to jazz it up a little.

I do not have a manual (I posted a similar request on another site and someone just told me to read the manual).

Any help gratefully received.



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Kieran MatthewRe: Adding Filters & Grads - a la Top Gear
by on May 31, 2007 at 10:42:36 am

Hi Alex,

I use a Boris FX composition clip placed above the clip I am treating.

Inside Boris, you make a new track and set it to V1, that allows you to apply filters etc to the video.

Filters to look for are the usual sat/lightness, brightness/contrast, tint, multi-tone etc.

If you have Final Effects - the glow filter can be quite useful, although I have built my own glows using blurs etc within Boris.

As for the vignettes that Top Gear uses, I set a new layer as a colour (black) and then make a new shape layer and use it as a mask. Bluring the Mask, altering the opacity of the colour and other general fiddling, gives you a picture that is normal brightness in the middle and then tailing off towards the edges.

As for the sky changing Grads, yes these are generally done as filters in camera, but you can achieve similar effects with the same process as above (with a different colour) or you can simply use the crop & blend controls to make a vertical graduation.

As you can tell I'm covering quite a lot of ground quite quickly so if you need a more detailed walkthrough of any of the above, let me know.


P.S. Boris manuals are included as PDFs in the install. If you go to Help, they should be there!

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AlexRe: Adding Filters & Grads - a la Top Gear
by on May 31, 2007 at 11:33:34 am

Thanks Kieran,

I'll have a go, if I get stuck I'll quiz you again :)

Yup, I realised the help files are in the programme but they're never user friendly (well, I don't think so!) - someone else had wound me up with an RTFM comment!

Thanks again for your help


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AlexRe: Adding Filters & Grads - a la Top Gear
by on May 31, 2007 at 1:10:35 pm

Ok I've had a fiddle with the Comp Clips but I've just discovered our version of Media 100HD does not have the full Boris FX package installed (I'm going to have a look for a key but I don't think we have it!)

I've been playing with using a simple grad in various colours & shapes that I created in Photoshop (just a simple 1 layer black to clear grad for example), importing that into the basic boris package and adjusting the position size etc. I've got the added bonus in HD of being able to adjust the Opacity in the timline itself. Do you think this is a good idea or should I stick to creating grads purely within the Media 100/Boris environment?

Do you know if I'd get better results fiddling with the PSD file sizes? I'm currently using SD (in the HD package of Media 100) at 72dpi - what would I use for HD do you think? Also will I have problems when I come to render full res pictures with this kind of graphic overlayed?

Thanks in advance.


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