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Determine value for XS & P6000

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Dan SparksDetermine value for XS & P6000
by on May 12, 2007 at 6:55:32 pm

I've done some searching on the web, but not having much luck determining the value of my P6000 Media 100XS bundle. I have moved over to Final Cut awhile back and the Media 100 is bored and wants a new home. How can I determine the value of the board and software? it also has the DV option. I think the last software upgrade I did took the version to 8.2.3. I might consider selling the Mac as well, for the right price. It's an MDD dual 1Ghz with an internal HD array and the Verax fan solution. Runs quiet and fast. The internal array was installed by Promax.
Any thoughts?


Dan Sparks

Tricom Video

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HolyCowSeattleRe: Determine value for XS & P6000
by on May 12, 2007 at 8:46:23 pm

You have run into a common problem.

There are many of us who spent in excess of $15k for these systems a few years ago----systems that still work flawlessly today---yet have to be sidelined due to their slow render times for compositing.

They pop up on EBay for about $1k every once in a while (complete systems) and boardsets appear (with current software and BOB's) from $199 to $650.

Most people (newbies/potential buyers) are miffed when they find out that the M100 boardsets don't work with FCP, so they usually seem to buy a ($550) Blackmagic instead. This makes it hard to sell these older Media100i systems.

We decided to keep one of our M100i XS/DV/Lossless systems online--(we have two more on the shelf as backups)----for simple A/B realtime edits. In this manner the (now 7+ year old!) Media100i system STILL runs circles around FCP for realtime monitoring reliability with no lagtime. We use it for tape offlays, and quick recaptures for DVD or web video clips. It has actually worked out very well. It is bombproof compared to some of the newer systems we run in house now.

My suggestion. Try working it back into your workflow.
In my perception, most of the people who understand/appreciate/value this type of system still have one. In contrast---to a "new buyer" FCP is way too flashy--so you will not convert any younngsters to this "old religion." Still, if you need cash, you may get lucky and find someone on Ebay with a few buck$ who needs to replace their older failing system....(but don't hold your breath.)

That's my twisted perspective. Sorry it doesn't hold any visions of Dollar$......

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Dan SparksRe: Determine value for XS & P6000
by on May 13, 2007 at 1:11:27 am

Thanks for confirming what I thought might be the case. I'd rather keep it as a backup system than make a few hundred bucks. Besides, it holds too many memories of past projects. It would be like kicking an old friend to the curb.

Dan Sparks

Tricom Video

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