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Can I backdate project? or...?

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Sonic VisionCan I backdate project? or...?
by on Apr 1, 2007 at 5:18:38 am

Hello experts...

I opened an old, unfinished, project that was last edited in M100 i LE 7.5.1. I made the mistake yesterday of opening it in XR 8.2.3a. All was somewhat ok, but I can edit my old CG Studio titles (I was already aware of that). So then I wanted to check it back in 7.5.1. and it says it was created in newer version and can't be opened now!! I did not do anything when viewing on 8.2.3a, I just opened/played then closed without any saving. How can I get back to opening in 7.5.1???

Both M100 versions are on same computer, different drives.

Also... is there any work around for working with CG Studio on 9.2.2 w/QT 5? The last time this setup was all working was 7.5.1 on a Gigabit Ethernet Mac w/ OS 9.0.4 w/QT 4.1.2, and CG Studio worked fine then. Now I am on a Mirror Door and it can't boot/run 9.0.4, only 9.2.2

Any ideas are greatly appreciated as I would like to finish this old project then I am I won't need 9 anymore.


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AjmetzRe: Can I backdate project? or...?
by on Apr 1, 2007 at 8:32:03 am

I'm still using 7.5 myself, and haven't worked with 8.2.3a yet, so the following suggestion is just a blind guess - but how about opening a new project in 7.5 then going to FILE>>IMPORT, and then browsing to your program and bins directory, and importing them in? (You'll need to set the TYPE Dialogue from Media100/Quicktime, to "All" in order to see the program and bin files). If the programs and bins haven't changed, they ought to still be 7.5 friendly.

I don't have any experience with 8.2.3 or with CG Studio, so I'll leave the rest for other people to answer. And like I said, the above is just a guess - dunno if it'll work or not, but perhaps worth a try.

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FlohRe: Can I backdate project? or...?
by on Apr 1, 2007 at 8:58:21 am

The problem (although probably not a big one) is that Media 100 always saves the project on closing it. But only the PROJECT, not the bins or programs. So what you should be able to do is to create a new Project and open the programs and bins in it.

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Sonic VisionRe: Can I backdate project? or...?
by on Apr 2, 2007 at 7:03:29 am

thanks guys, I will try this. And hopefully I will be able to use CG Studio as well.

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