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exporting Media 100 into IDVD.. Help!!

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Brent Jeffersexporting Media 100 into IDVD.. Help!!
by on Mar 26, 2007 at 4:44:25 pm

I'm having a problem exporting from media100 into idvd. I have been exporting a movie from Media 100 using Dv codec, ( ithink this might be the problem) bring it into Idvd. But when I burn to DVD the result is a movie with alot of "stuttering) video not playing back smooth, and just looks awful. Is it because of my choice of codec? frame size? my media 100 project was 640:480. Should I have exported from media 100 as a (self contained movie and brougth into after effects)??? I'm just trying to make movies in media 100 and have the end result in Idvd because I love the easy templates and easiness of burning DVDs, Can anybody help me???
Brent Jeffers

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FlohRe: exporting Media 100 into IDVD.. Help!!
by on Mar 26, 2007 at 6:26:16 pm

You should not work in 640 mode unless you absolutely have to (like if you have a Vincent or Vincent601 board). All digital video resoultions (DV, DVD,...) are 720-based, and I guess what you are seeing is iDVD not being able to transcode from 640 to 720 properly (not dealing with frames correctly. What you can do is to export from Media 100 by ref, create a 720*480 NTSC DV comp in AE and render to e.g. "uncompressed" codec with Lower field first from AE. Then you can use this file for your iDVD project. I would suggest trying this with a short clip first to see if this works, though...

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Brent JeffersRe: exporting Media 100 into IDVD.. Help!!
by on Mar 26, 2007 at 8:16:57 pm

Floh, thanks for the advice, yea unfortunately, I am still working with the vincent 601 board on an old G4 M., I just got the Media 100 Producer trial and checking it out ona G5. In the neighborhood of upgrading. Anyway exporting to AE makes sense, will give that a try.
Thanks for the quick response

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jaesonkRe: exporting Media 100 into IDVD.. Help!!
by on Mar 26, 2007 at 10:07:53 pm

Before jumping to 720 resolution modes, isn't there a problem with iDVD not handling 720 modes properly? I get a letterbox effect on any 720 video fed to iDVD. Give it a 640 and no problems.

Jaeson K

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