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Vincent 601 qx not working since upgrade

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DarkHorseVincent 601 qx not working since upgrade
by on Feb 12, 2007 at 2:56:35 pm

I've been happily using the Vincent 601 with Media 100 v4.5 in a G4 450MHz (AGP Sawtooth) with Premiere 4.2.1, OS 9.2.2 and QT 5.0.2. I recently upgraded to a 1.8GHz Sonnet Encore ST processor, and since then the Vincent 601 no longer loads.

The Media 100 extension icon still shows up during startup but after a long delay I get the message 'Error loading MEDIA 100 extension. An error condition of -19203 was detected'.

According to forum archives, -19203 errors seem common when a QX Vincent 601 is tried in a G4 Quicksilver and later.

I've read the Media 100 'Legacy CPG' documents, but according to them the latest compatible setup for me would be a Beige G3, OS 8.1 and QT 3, so can't really take that at face value considering my experience!

I also read in CPG that the Vincent 601 works in all of the G4's towers, provided the Media 100 software is upgraded accordingly, i.e. to v8.2.1 for OS 10.3.2 and v7.5.1 for OS 9.2.2.

So I'm thinking, or hoping at least, that there must be some 'workaround' for getting the Vincent 601 to work in my Sonnet upgraded G4, in OS9 with Premiere.

Is it not possible to 'flash' the card, or install just the more recent drivers/extension that come with the later Media 100 software but not the software itself?

Or is the processor 'chipset' at issue here? The Sonnet uses the 7447A G4 chip which was originally designed for use in laptops. The G4 AGP used 7400 and the other G4 towers used 7400, 7410, 7450 and 7455 (all usable by the Vincent 601 with the right Media 100 software according to CPG).

I don't have the option of throwing money at this to solve (except perhaps returning/exchanging the Sonnet processor) so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


p.s. Apologies for the long post!

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Arthur DentRe: Vincent 601 qx not working since upgrade
by on Feb 12, 2007 at 7:06:22 pm

sounds like the processor upgrade is causing your issues. If I recall, and I'm stretching my memory here, media 100 never recomended upgrading your processors.

I would try swapping the old processor back into the system, and re-installing the last m100 version you had working.


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David C.Re: Vincent 601 qx not working since upgrade
by on Feb 13, 2007 at 9:47:03 pm

Art has it correct. It's the processor swap.


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DarkHorseRe: Vincent 601 qx not working since upgrade
by on Feb 14, 2007 at 10:53:14 am

I agree the processor swap is the cause and that it was never approved by Media 100. But then neither was putting the Vincent 601 in any G4 and that worked for me. And I have tried the card with the original G4 processor back-in and it still works.

One solution is to dig out the original machine which the Vincent came with, i.e. a PowerMac 8600/250, just so I can still capture analogue video at exceptional quality, and then firewire that material over to the G4 and edit on that. I need the upgraded G4 because I'm learning DSP and FCP, with the aim of setting up a DVD showreel authoring service (perhaps some teaching).

The main thing I would lack though (which I didn't before) is the ability to have a video output from my G4 Sawtooth to a TV monitor while I'm editing/authoring. On a shoestring budget, I'm considering a used ATI Radeon 8500 or a 7000 (for the S-Video output). I'm confused though whether they'll work as required (i.e. as good as the Vincent did) and whether to go with an AGP version (replacing the G4's original one) or a PCI version? And I need it to work in both 9.2.2 and 10.3.9, i.e. Premiere 4.2.1 and FCP if possible.

Also, in the G4 (minus the Vincent card but with the Media 100 transcoder), how do I retain the quality of my archive of Premiere/Media 100 compressed files, which I still need to edit/manipulate occasionally? I did some tests in Premiere 4.2.1 (OS 9), and it seems sometimes I could use the media 100 compression and sometimes I couldn't. Is it best to re-compress with the Motion JPEG B codec if I can't with Media 100? Incidentally FCP (version 3 at least) seems to works with Media 100 transcoders in OS 10, i.e. for compressing too (and used to work in OS9 with the Vincent card before the processor upgrade).

But I'm really reluctant to give up completely on getting the Vincent to work in the upgraded G4. Can I not 'borrow' the later Media 100 drivers/library/extensions from somewhere (but without the actual editing software) and at least try them? Will it definitely not work? Just for peace of mind if nothing else..

thanks for the responses

p.s. Again apologies for the long post. Please someone tell me if I'm giving too much information, or if some questions are better suited to another thread or group.

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