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640 to 720 in AE

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topher944640 to 720 in AE
by on Jan 7, 2007 at 6:13:47 am

Dear Cowsers, please excuse my igonrance in the following questions. I haven't dealt with AE alot becuase I use Boris so much. I understand from reading Floh's responces to other posts that I will need to resize my M100 prog. at 640 480 to 720 486 in AE in order to use this file later in DVDSP. When I pull the file into AE and resize it, do I need to pixel shift down 1 and why? Will AE pull the M100 Audio along as well? Does it matter that I have 2 graphics tracks, video and 12 audio tracks. (It's a feature film - 90 min) What codec do I render with? What type of file will I end up with? If it's a M100 file - it won't work with my Vincent 601 non DV system. Can I pull this exported file over to my other P6000 system as a single file and drop it into a new program? Any places to point me on how this is all done? Sorry to be such a green horn. I'm under a deadline, but I've started early and hopefully with your gracious help - I'll make it! Kind Regards! Chris K.

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FlohRe: 640 to 720 in AE
by on Jan 7, 2007 at 11:31:57 am


it should be very easy to do, but there might be differences depending on which version of AE you are working with.
First, as you probably already have done, you should export your whole program as a self-contained or by reference movie.
Next, import this exported file into your AE. Make sure that the field order of your file is interpreted correctly. Therefore select the imported clip in your AE project window, CTRL-click it and select "Interpret Footage->Main". "Separate Fields should be set to "Upper Field First" automatically, and "Pixel Aspect Ratio" should be Square.
Then, create a new AE composition (CMD-N) with the Length of your movie, and with the "NTSC D1" setting in the "Preset" selection.
Drop your QuickTime into this Composition, and AE should do the resizing automatically. The 640 clip should fill the whole 720 comp, since AE does know the correct pixel aspect ratio and scales accordingly.
Move down your clip 1 pixel (arrow down). You can verify it when selecting the layer in your composition window and pressing "p" to reveal the Position property. It should read 360,244 now. Since the NTSC 720 codec is lower field first and the 640 codec is upper field first, you will make sure that you get the full original lines and not interpolated/softer lines.
Then press "CMD-M" to render the movie out of AE. Under "Render settings", make sure you

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topher944Re: 640 to 720 in AE
by on Jan 7, 2007 at 6:33:57 pm

Thanks for the tutorial Floh! If I can't follow that - I should hang it up! Is there a trial version(free) of SW that I can download that would do the scaling also. The production team all watched tests yesterday, and hands down Bitvice produced the best color but had vertical banding. I'm guesssing the AE scaling will eliminate the Bitvice Banding? Since the film is going out for sale - We want it to look the best - will the AE scaling or the New M100 scaling produce the cleanest image? Since we're going to buy BitVice we're trying to keep other costs as low as possible. Many Thanks, Kind Regards, Chris K.

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