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Final Cut Pro or Media 100?!?

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Steven ThomasFinal Cut Pro or Media 100?!?
by on Dec 22, 2006 at 5:47:34 pm

I have been a Media 100 user for almost ten years. I am currently working with 7.5i that operates on OS9 on my G4. It is obviously time to upgrade to a system that operates on OSX. I am looking at the Media 100 SD&HD suite.

I have never worked with Final Cut Pro. I would appreciate any thoughts and advice about either of the two products. I also use DVD studio Pro and AfterEffects on a regular basis.

I want to also add that I have never had any major problems with my Media 100 system.

Thank you.


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WarrenRe: Final Cut Pro or Media 100?!?
by on Dec 22, 2006 at 5:56:50 pm

I was in the same boat. Last used Media 100 8.2.3a in Tiger and have been a Media 100 user since Ver. 3.0. Since have switched to Final Cut Pro and while it took a few days to get acclimated, I don't think I could go back. You can just do more in FCP and it better integrates with the other Studio apps. So I have no complaints. I have edited four films since I've moved to FCP shot in 35mm or Sony F900 cameras and the stuff looks great and no sync issues.

My 2

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FlohRe: Final Cut Pro or Media 100?!?
by on Dec 22, 2006 at 5:57:29 pm

The question regarding a system is always also a question of your workflow and needs.
But Media 100 is very good in exchange with AE (the AE exporter is bundled with Media 100, unlike e.g. FinalCut), and you have great realtime capabilities to integrate AE renders with Alpha channel into your Media 100 timelines.
If you are familiar with the Media 100 interface you will be up to speed with the new systems in nearly no time, and you will gain brilliant new features. Plus, you will stay compatible to your legacy projects and media files, so if you need to revise an old project you can do that on your new system without any problems.
If you tell us a little bit more about your needs I think you will get some more feedback. But I have read quite some posts in the last months from people who went to FCP and back to Media 100, because the new Media 100 systems are much more intuitive and easier to handle (e.g. setting up projects is much more critical in FCP; you can screw up a lot there) than any other system out there.

But of course this is only my opinion ;-)

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Arthur DentRe: Final Cut Pro or Media 100?!?
by on Dec 22, 2006 at 6:57:06 pm

Hi Steve,

Seems like a no-brainer to me - but to make you choice a little easier, the new Media 100 systems actually use hardware from AJA which may also run FCP, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Frankly the new media 100 systems are getting better - they are MUCH faster because the computer does the rendering now, not the p6000 board - they support video layers finally - and now that Media 100 is part of Boris FX they are much more responsive to user feed back. I believe P2 support was added at user request, going into NAB '06 it wasn't very high on the M100 to-do list, so things will only get better with the new media 100 products.

My $.02

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GregRe: Final Cut Pro or Media 100?!?
by on Dec 22, 2006 at 7:31:06 pm

As a long time user of Media 100, I had the same question. Media 100 or FCP. More folks were switching to FCP. The when Media 100 HDe came out on with the AJA board, I decided to buy both M100 HDe and FCP Studio. I bought a G5 Quad, (refurbished) an apple cinema 30", added a second hard drive and created a dual boot system.

In crunch time I'm editing on Media 100 HDe. On down time, I'm editing on FCP to learn the system. I have to ttell you that I'm very pleased with how it's working so far, with minor issues.

Good luck in your shoping. Hapy Holidays.


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HolyCowSeattleRe: Final Cut Pro or Media 100?!?
by on Jan 20, 2007 at 4:36:26 am

in people's minds regarding these products.

For us, our Media100's are our daily A/B cutters and primary ingest and edit machine for all work. We lay out the basic edits for 30's and we do ALL of our long-form work in Media100. 30's are exported to After Effects for finishing after the basic audio and A/B edits are done. Elements for long form projects are manufactured (lower 3rd's etc.) in AE and brought into the Media100. We use
Media100 is a FAST A/B editor with great (simple) controls to do SD/HD 480i/1080i 29.97 work quickly, with great NTSC monitoring.

After Effects is "the bomb" for non-dedicated-hardware compositing work.
FCP lets you do all of this in one timeline, but the cost is speed and efficiency. FCP is a great for anyone who can only afford one tool. It does most everything pretty well. Some things it excells (It has SUPERIOR handling of 24p content for example). In other areas it absolutely sucks--which to avoid a long series of defensive replies I will refrain from slamming any specific aspect of FCP.

If you only have money for one SW package and don't do a lot of regular work---FCP is the way to go for now.

As you need more efficiency, you will grow into other offerings.

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