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HDX doesn't relink any files!

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Juanjo MoraHDX doesn't relink any files!
by on Dec 8, 2006 at 12:30:34 am


after a week following a RAM failure I could boot again my machine today; to my infinite surprise NONE of my projects does relink to its media files!

I've already rebooted several times, mounted and unmounted my hard disks (two internal SATA, one FW 800), checked the exhaustive media file search option, resetting the PRAM, resetting the PMU and Disk Warrior.

All the files are there, if I open them in QuickTime Player they play OK, Disk Warrior didn't report any directory errors or changes, what gives?

Any suggestions? I'm already at the end of my rope and my boss and firm partners are not very happy either!

Sometimes I think I should get a nice, quiet and decent job; maybe lion tamer or vulcanologist!


Media100 HDX v10.1.4
Dual G5 @ 2GHz, 3GB DDR SDRAM
MacOS 10.4.8
Two Internal SATA Drives, One External FireWire 800

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FlohRe: HDX doesn't relink any files!
by on Dec 8, 2006 at 1:02:38 am


I would try creating a new project and opening a timeline into this project. When the "Relink Media" dialog starts (in case it does not find the media files) remember the exact name of one of the files, and search for the needed file manually to make sure it is really on the harddrive.
One thing you also may want to check is your systems date&time settings. Maybe something is wrong there that affects the ability to relink to files.

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Juanjo MoraRe: HDX doesn't relink any files!
by on Dec 8, 2006 at 2:24:34 am


You've done it again!!

Thank you, thank you thank you, very very much!!!

It seems that my career as a vulcanologist will wait a little bit more.

Floh, Media 100 and all of us have a huge debt with you, If you ever come to Mexico City dinner is on me!

Best regards,


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