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NickelXDCam HD and Media 100
by on Oct 10, 2006 at 10:19:33 pm

Hi. I'm seriously evaluating the XDCam HD platform. Will the Media 100 HD and/or Producer handle this media? I could see using the XDCam deck and going firewire or ethernet onto hard drives and then opening the files in Producer. No need for the AJA card?

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HolyCowSeattleRe: XDCam HD and Media 100
by on Oct 11, 2006 at 2:27:44 am

Quickly stated:

XDCam is MPEG compressed.

Media100 does not support that mode of operation NATIVELY. You will have to transcode your footage to another codec ON IMPORT or externally using another application FIRST.

That stated howver, you will need a 3-rd party utility to access the footage via quicktime for it to import or to be transcoded.

You will need FLIP-4-MAC for XDCAM ( and FCP 5 or higher.

My understanding is that the next release of FCP and Adobe Premiere (win users) natively supports XDCAM workflow, but I can't remember where I heard those items.

So, to answer your question. YES, you can use the footage. Currently you have to bounce the footage through another application first (like those of us using P2 cards/HVX-200 awaiting the next release of Media100HD), to get clips that you can then edit with.

That is the darkside of MPEG shooting, most high-end systems don't all the MPEG formats yet (if ever.) The low end ones do (FCP/Premiere/Vegas), but those often aren't our first choice for production.

My suggestion: Import & Transcode.

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NickelRe: XDCam HD and Media 100
by on Oct 11, 2006 at 1:35:52 pm

Thanks, Cow. The transcoding doesn't sound too difficult - I wonder if anyone has done any tests on how long this will take. As strongly as Sony is marketing this format, I would think at some point Media 100 would support it natively. Of course, I could also get the AJA card and just go HD-SDI out from the deck to the Media 100 and digitize "old school."

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Bobby MVRe: XDCam HD and Media 100
by on Oct 11, 2006 at 9:01:00 pm

just my two cents:

we own the recorder deck of the XDCAM and it is fantastic. even though most of the IT features arent available for immediate use in media 100, it is still a HD-SDI, RS-422 deck, which means no problems on the acquiring and mastering through SDI. the coolest part is that while you can still shuttle like you would a betacam, it just jumps to the timecodes you specify without rewinding or fast forwarding. i recommend still setting a 1 second pre-roll for media100 though, just to be safe.

Bobby Mosaedi
Magic Video, Inc.

"once you go mac, you never go back"

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NickelRe: XDCam HD and Media 100
by on Oct 12, 2006 at 2:31:15 pm

Thanks Bobby. I'm getting a demo next on the cam and deck. I would think M100 would eventually implement some integration with the XDCAm HD, but if I have to digitize, no big deal - it hasn't bothered me in the past.

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