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Jade448Exports from media 100
by on Jul 31, 2006 at 12:58:55 pm

I'd appreciate any suggestions for how to resolve a long running problem with exported movies from Media100 via Apple's Compressor.
Once a DVD has been created in DVD Studio Pro, the encoding creates a flickering on movement that is only visible on a PAL monitor,
it looks fine on an LCD display monitor.
I've used video material in DVD StudioPro encoded from elsewhere and there is no flicker problem.
I've taken much advice, the consesus is that it seems that its the Media 100 codec used when exporting the movie.
I've tried using 5-6 different export options in Media100, i.e. Uncompressed, Component, Apple H.263, DVPAL and AVI. I've also tried adjusting the de-interlace settings in Compressor. Nothing seems to work.
This is doubly frustrating as you would have thought Media 100 would have an obvious path from completed edit via an encoder to DVD. I have trtied Cleaner but the picture quality was significantly inferior to Compressor's quality, albeit with flickering.

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drolloRe: Exports from media 100
by on Jul 31, 2006 at 1:49:59 pm

The rpboblem with Compressor is that its settings are set to Automatic Field Order. When you import a Media 100 Quicktime File, it understands the field order is Lower. Try to create a new setting changing Field Order to Top, and try not to set any value under the crop settings (doing this with different values in top, left, right, bottom fields cause interlace problems). Change only crop values if you put the same values in the fields.

Hope this helps

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Jade448Re: Exports from media 100
by on Aug 1, 2006 at 12:29:53 pm

Thanks for this, will try and let you know.

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