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v11 working great

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Bobby MVv11 working great
by on Jul 17, 2006 at 11:16:42 pm

Our copy of v11 arrived in the mail last thursday, installed it on our HDX system and it runs like a champ. interestingly enough, even though you can see the m100 installer installing red, you still have to manually install it from the RED cd they provide you. I guess the one-time install applies to only AJA users.

Wanted to test out the m100's new codec support. I digitiized some footage on a final cut system with a blackmagic multibridge extreme using DVCPRO HD, copied the file over to the M100 system, and BAM it instantly imported, only doing the "updating media file" but yes finally compressed HD. Also digitized locally some footage from a deck using MJPEG, and uncompressed. Then i put all three in the same 1080i timeline and they all played flawlessly.

I also opened up some old HD timelines and all the unrendered transitions now play through in real time now along with the colorfx filters. I did however notice it would glitch sometimes when real time dissolving 10bit HD to 10bit HD. it seemed to also hang up a little bit on the compressed HD as well, giving me real-time errors. all these clips were being played off an xserve RAID btw.

Its unbelievable because DVCPROHD's native resolution is 1280x1080, and m100 can just adjust for pixel aspect ratio correction on the fly. great job guys. anyone who was waiting to buy an HD m100, now is the perfect time. the costs of producing and editing HD are very reasonable now.

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Bobby MVRe: v11 working great
by on Jul 18, 2006 at 3:03:26 pm

ahh! still crashing when trimming clips in timeline when "scan audio" is turned on. spinning pinwheel of death. maybe in 11.1?

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Scott_FRe: v11 working great
by on Jul 18, 2006 at 7:30:56 pm

how much ram do you have in the system?

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johnRe: v11 working great
by on Jul 19, 2006 at 1:35:51 am


thanx for the exhaustive update on 11

its seems strange that a problem - turn off scanning audio or get a hung system - which reared its head
back in about vers 3? is back again?

but i'm sure with lots of postings the crew at cedar hill will be fixing for us


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Bobby MVRe: v11 working great
by on Jul 21, 2006 at 1:20:43 am

4 gigs of RAM, Dual 2.5 PowerPC g5. XServe Raid playing back AE rendered animation files 720x486 48k.

I cant seem to reproduce this problem... must have been a fluke. When it did crash i had after effects open, so maybe tha was something. But my audio and video tracks were 2 totlaly seperate files, the video file was an AE render, the audio was a soundtrack-pro created file. After numerous attempts, i still cannot recreate the problem

Bobby Mosaedi
Multimedia Specialist, Magic Video, Inc.
Media 100HD system now online

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