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GregLukkee Help Digital Juice
by on May 10, 2006 at 4:36:54 pm

Thanks so much for your help I can only see this after I import it into a bin and make it a composition cip. Basically I need to render it to see it in the graphics track.

However I can't change the position of it, nor can I re-size it. Any thoughts? I use Boris FX and Graffiti. The other part to this equation is the fact that the Toolkit overlay is 20 seconds so I need to loop it on the graphics track and let it fade out on a dissolve.

Also, Digital juice says to use the media 100 codec, but that codec does not appear in juicer on my G4, it does however appear in Juicer on my powerbook. Is there a way to install this codec into juicer? How would i go about this.

Any more step by step direction would be greatly appreciated.


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Mark FrazierRe: Lukkee Help Digital Juice
by on May 10, 2006 at 6:51:52 pm

I use Boris Red, which combines attributes of FX & Graffiti, so I hope you can apply this info to your application.

Primarily, I have used After Effects to render the DJ files to M100 codec, then import that file into a M100 bin to use in a program. If you don't have AE, and if Juicer can render to QuickTime, you could then import the QT file into M100 (I know.... fewer steps would be better.)

Put the DJ file in a M100 video track, if it needs to be looped. Butt it nose to tail for as long as you need it. Just check to make sure there's no glitch at the edit points. (I've had a couple that had an "extra" frame that made the loop point jump a bit.) Build your graphics track on top of that, but instead of just using the background track as your video underlay, create a new track and assign the video track as its media type. Then you can manipulate the size, shape, color, etc. all you want.

If the animation's longer than the graphic file, you can just assign a Boris track to the Movie File media type, and select whatever DJ file you want. You should be able to manipulate that track as well.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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LukkeeRe: Lukkee Help Digital Juice
by on May 14, 2006 at 2:36:14 am

After dropping the clip on the graphics track in Media100, double click on it. In the edit suite click on "Motion Path" then click on "custom". In the box which opens you can then re-position , scale, etc. the Juicer clip.
As before, you have to render out of Juicer with "millions of colours +" to create a graphic which can be supered in Media 100. Your experience might be different from mine using the media 100 codec. The cpu on which you have digital juice should also have the Media 100 or the codec installed.
Hope this helps.

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