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Capturing video with ADVC-300 into Media100

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Jerome RobbinsCapturing video with ADVC-300 into Media100
by on Apr 17, 2006 at 5:04:38 am

Mac G-4 144Dual Canopus ADVC-300 Media 100i XR JVC HR-S9900U

I have a VHS tape in the JVC deck, I have S-Vieo and analog cables going in to the front of the ADVC-300. The outut on the back of the ADVC is fire wire to the back of the G-4. The Mac recognizes the unit and displays the video and sound in a preview window on the desktop. I can make adjustments and see the differences.

But how do I capture the video? I opened my NLE program Media 100. I have the hardware settings on DV but I do not see anything in the monitor window. If I switch back to the Preview I see and hear the video.

When I put the firewire from the ADVC-300 into the Media 100 card in back of the G-4 I get the message that (it doesn't recognize the ADVC-300) so i don't hear or see anything.

Any sugestions??
thanks, Jerome


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Kieran MatthewRe: Capturing video with ADVC-300 into Media100
by on Apr 17, 2006 at 10:00:44 am

Hi Jerome,

Ok, firstly to digitise directly into Media 100, the DV cable is going to need to be in the firewire port of the Media 100 card. As you say, that brings up an error. Can you let us know exactly what that error message says? I wasn't aware that media100 was picky about DV sources so we'll need all the info we can get.

I doubt that the Canopus box does anything about machine control, so have you made sure that you machine control menu is set to "no machine control" (unless of course your VHS machine has RS422 in which case you should connect that to your machine control cable etc etc)

Alternatively you could try the canopus box into the g4's firewire port and use an app like imovie to capture the video and then import those files to Media 100 for editing. You won't be able to batch digitise later, but I'm guessing that if it is VHS you're encoding then it has no timecode anyway.

While I'm asking, is there any reason why you don't plug the VHS machine directly into the Analogue S-Video ports of the media 100 and digitise like that?


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Jerome RobbinsRe: Capturing video with ADVC-300 into Media100
by on Apr 17, 2006 at 5:25:35 pm

When I have the firewire from the Canopus ADVC-300 into the Media 100 port, I get the message,

"ADVC-300 can not be found please check if the power is on and the unit is connected to your Mac, and restart the application".

When I connect the ADVC-300 to the Mac port the viewer for the unit works properly and I can make all the adjustments on the quality of the video. But, it is not being captured by any program.

Solution set-up. the VHS analog signal is fed into the front of the ADVC-300. From the back of the unit the output firewire goes into the Mac and the analog outputs go out to my normal path to media 100.
So, I can make adjustments onscreen using the Picture controller for the ADVC-300 when I am happy with the adjustments, I then switch to digitize mode in Media 100 and the corrected video is viewed and digitized.

The firewire connection is what I see when using the ADVC-300 and the S-video analog connections are what is seen and received by Media 100.

Thanks for helping see an alternative set up



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