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argh... HDV blues

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Bobby Mosaediargh... HDV blues
by on Mar 24, 2006 at 11:17:00 pm

so i bought a miranda HDV-HDSDI converter box recently. I used it to first make a set of BetaSP downconverts with window burns so i could have an offline editor work on a media100i system. I then took his timeline from media100 8.2.3, brought it into media100HD and copy pasted the timeline's clips into a 1080i timeline, conforming clips and making re-acquireable media box checked. When i go to batch reacquire it flips out and does not pre-roll correctly, and always fails. Is there not one compatible third party piece of hardware other than the flying cow that media100 will communicate to properly??!!!

its hooked up a little something like this:

JVC BR50 HDV deck firewire out to miranda's firewire in. RS422 out of miranda to keyspan/mac , HDSDI, AES connected to media100 in. recorded on 720p30, no timecode breaks.

It is actually a little premature to outright blame media100 , but it wouldnt surprise me. It didn't work with the convergent design SD connect and it doesnt work with the HD connect LE either. This is why i got the miranda box. The stupid problem is that when it queues up the clip, it parks it right on the in point without a preroll or anything. So then it fails. I have tried making the pre-roll longer on the deck and that does not help. Is there a way to change the preroll length from media100? maybe that might help. i even tried hooking up the RS422 directly out of the deck to the keyspan, bypassing the miranda, but that still doesnt help. I think im losing it and i pray that media100 will have some answers for us by NAB. we still cant digitize DV!!!!

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Daniel ERe: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 25, 2006 at 4:07:58 pm

I think you should be blaming HDV a little more in this. Many people are having trouble with Batch digitizing in HDV. The timecode doesn't act as reliably as DV for some reason. I have Final Cut 5 and I can't reliably put an in and out point on a clip and they tell the computer to digitize it. Half the time it doesn't find the in point. This is more reliable of I stop the tape and mark the in and the same for the out.
This leads me to believe that I can't re import footage reliably after editing in a low rez mode with HDV. My best practice recommendation is edit at full rez or with full rez copies in a format which we knows works like DVC Pro 100 or HDCAM. The HDV is for acquisition for the moment.

Daniel Epstein
Gold Teleproductions, Inc
New York, NY

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FlohRe: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 25, 2006 at 4:34:54 pm

We made the same experiences. We did only one job on HDV up to now, but we found the Sony player (or the whole HDV format) to be very flakey when speaking about deck control and TC accuracy. When trying to digitize in Media 100 i via FireWire we got maybe 6 out of 10 marked clips, when trying FCP with the same logged clips we got around 3-4 out of 10 clips digitized correctly. So I

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Bobby MosaediRe: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 25, 2006 at 8:12:44 pm

So really the only solution is to edit off of an HDCAM deck or a a DVCPROHD deck. Well i guess this is that "transitional" period when software has to catch up with the hardware. I have several hours worth of tapes to digitize and although i have space on my xserve raid, it cannot live there forever and i know i will have to delete it and come back to it in a few months.

I'm hoping i can digitize the entire reels now with timecode through the miranda and hopefully wait for media100 or another third party product to come along at NAB that will let me use my existing EDL's/timelines to batch reacquire properly from. fingers crossed. Retransferring all the footage to HDCAM or DVCPROHD is just gonna be too costly with daily deck rental rates and tape stock. i would rather buy the equipment and shoot on it rather than rent it. isnt this the whole reason they created HDV in the first place so that we could save a little money?

I also am curious to hear from anyone a particular system that works absolutely perfect with HDV as of now... vegas? edius? avid? FCP? premiere? if there is i may entertain the idea of building a temporary "band-aid" system to keep us moving along until a media100/HDV/DV solution arrives

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Michael SloweRe: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 27, 2006 at 6:51:30 pm

This is why I decided on my post production route for HDV very early on in the proceedings. I acquire (wonderful pictures) with the Sony Z1 HDV camera, convert through the Convergent Design box to uncompressed HD and edit in Media 100 HD. No timecode problems since I don't try and batch digitize (can't as we all know). The downside is of course the huge external storage requirement and the cost of renting an HDCAM deck for mastering the finished programme. As someone on this thread has written, HDV is an acquisition format solely.

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mfm000Re: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 28, 2006 at 5:09:43 pm

I'm looking to use the Miranda DV Bridge to capture DVCAM footage from a DSR-20 into Media100HD - are there any timecode issues related with batch capture/re-dig in this scenario? Just about ready to install the HD sysem, and don't want any surprises...


Mitch Merback

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Michael SloweRe: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 6:01:03 pm

How do you propose mastering to tape from Media 100 HD? No firewire out, only SDI, so you can't go back to the DSR 20. I have the same issues.

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mfm000Re: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 6:40:54 pm

From what I understand, the Miranda DV-Bridge+ is a bidirectional DV to SDI/AES converter - firewire in and out of H100HD. I'm getting mine later today, and am hoping to have it up and running tomorrow. M100 says its been

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Bobby MosaediRe: argh... HDV blues
by on Mar 30, 2006 at 7:22:13 pm

its a big frustrating mess.

And also, if you shoot HDV you can only output the native format from which you shoot on (as in shooting HDV will only output HDV through firewire). The problem is that these converter boxes usually work pretty well with final cut pro and avid and premiere, but nowhere in any of their documentation does it say anything about media100i or HD. Media100 needs to get with the program ASAP and at least give us DV support for crying out loud. Why should i have to have an expensive RS422 component/SDI in/out DV deck when i can just use firewire? same with HDV, man. even if it has to digitize then encode/convert not on the fly, ill be happy as long as the process can be automated. this isn't rocket science here.

if media100sw will have support for third party cards i think that would be the best media100 move of all time, and i would happily buy SW and a KONA3 card. cant waaiiiiiiit till NAB....

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