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Jack ShepardFCP into Media 100
by on Feb 25, 2006 at 8:47:39 pm

I have a project that is on DV tapes in NonDropFrame with Timecode. Media 100 will only
allow you to import in Drop Frame (there is no way to adjust it) so I can't keep the TimeCode in synch.

I had the idea of importing into FCP... in NDF and then importing the FCP quicktime file into Media 100. But the import time is really really slow ... as it all gets translated into the Media 100 codec (I guess).
There is another option --- instead of having the compressor settings (with the Capture Device settings) set to DV I tried changing them to Media100NTSC720. Figuring that I'll just digitize within FCP using the MEdia100 compressor and the files will import into Media 100 really quickly then.

Doesn't seem to work though. It goes for a couple of seconds (in very jerky fashion) and then gives me a locating timecode break message (when there are none). I assume it's because that codec isn't meant for digitizing just exporting things ... but I thought I would see if anyone could shed some light on this.

Or if there is a way to quickly transfer a FCP file into Media 100? Also tried MPEGB compressor which is slightly faster.

Course, the easiest way is to just edit it in FCP. Yeah... old habits die hard.


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Ernie SantellaRe: FCP into Media 100
by on Feb 27, 2006 at 8:47:12 pm

You post is confusing. Are you trying to digitize' your DV footage or import it into M100? There is a difference between importing and digitizing. M100 will digitize footage that was shot in non-drop frame.

Are you trying to batch digitize NDF footage into an existing timeline that is DF? I'm not sure what you are having problems with. Please explain again and maybe we can help.

Ernie Santella
Santella Film/Video Productions

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Jack ShepardRe: FCP into Media 100
by on Feb 28, 2006 at 12:20:41 am

thanks ernie.
the problem i
have is that the tape are in ndf but after the color bars (which m100 reads as ndf) media 100 starts reading the tape as Df.
and then i start losing the frames. and there is no way to force m100 to read the tape as ndf. my guess is that when they were doing
the dailies something was switched from when they laid down the color bars to when they laid down the actual footage. so if i start loading
at the front of the tape all is fine because m100 will stay in ndf mode. but when the camera rolls happen and i have to stop the digitizing...
then m100 reverts to df and i start losing frames and the system goes more and more out of synch with the burned in time code. i hope that makes
sense. unfotunately redoing the dailies is not an option.

so i had the thought that i could load them into final cut and then transfer them over to m100. but importing the footage from final cut
is really slow as it is needs to be translated into the m100 codec. you can export things from final cut using the m100 codec (m100ntsc-720). so
i had the thought that maybe i can digitize directly into final cut using that setting (just like you would a motion jpeg, etc). but that doesnt
seem to work.

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Bobby MosaediRe: FCP into Media 100
by on Feb 28, 2006 at 1:34:14 am

Tell us what kind of hardware and software you have ie what media100 version, with or without firewire / what kind of deck you have and how is your deck connected your edit system.

something doesnt sound right... i know this becuase i digitize and master from a DVCAM deck and a BetaSP deck all the time. In your hardware settings, do you have media100 set to firewire for source in? same with audio? have the DV deck connected to the firewire port on the P6000 board? For deck control, make sure you have media100 DV and select a DV deck. You can try and selecting the DSR-20, thats what we use. It may also help to see what your deck is set to record at, make sure it is NDF. Put in your tape and enter digitize mode, you should have deck control at this point and see matching timecode on your deck and edit suite window. Try that . Media100 will digitize NDF material without a problem


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topher944Re: FCP into Media 100
by on Mar 4, 2006 at 10:15:21 pm

I had what sounds like a similar problem using a DSR 20 deck. It turns out the dv tapes were recorded in the LP mode instead of SP. Hope it helps... Chris

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