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Modern SAN for G4s (or G5s) running M100i

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hbvideoModern SAN for G4s (or G5s) running M100i
by on Feb 11, 2006 at 2:27:44 pm

I'm looking for a good 2TB, SAN solution for an in-suite network with two G4s (Dual-500, 1GBRAM) running M100i (P6000 not lossless) for I/O. M100sw for editing. HD is not a priority at this point. Just need joint access in order to multi-task.

Is there anything new and less expensive than what was offered 2-3 years ago?
Any caveats when sharing data with 2 M100 systems or sw only editors?

BTW, has anyone else tried BorisFx 8 with M100sw? I'm impressed with the speed vs M100i.


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FlohRe: Modern SAN for G4s (or G5s) running M100i
by on Feb 11, 2006 at 3:34:16 pm

The bad thing is that it is still not really cheap to get into SAN. Adding clients later is relatively easy, but the initial setup including a switch and storage is not that cheap.
As far as I can tell the qLogic 5200 is the best choice as a switch, and it is scaleable. So you could begin with a small license and enable additional prots later if you need them.
Regarding storage I think there are many options out there, including XServe RAID. We use the XServe RAID and an Infortrend SATA->FC array which was cheaper and gives better performance, so maybe you should look there.
The Apple FC cards are the cheapest I

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hbvideoRe: Modern SAN for G4s (or G5s) running M100i
by on Feb 11, 2006 at 8:35:02 pm

OK Floh,

Thank you for bringing me up-to-date.


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Jim CalahanRe: Modern SAN for G4s (or G5s) running M100i
by on Feb 12, 2006 at 6:30:56 am

We use the Apple HBAs they are made by LSI even on our 844 and they work just fine. As for software we use Imagesan from Rorke Data although we had to wait quite awhile for Tiger support but it's file level which we find better than volume level file sharing. For hardware we use Rorke Datas Galexy San SATA to Fibre channel towers and the Qlogic Sanbox 5200 fabric switch. SANs are not cheap but larger SATA drives make it possible to replace the smaler drives in the towers to increase storage at a far less cost then using Fibre channel drives but you should still think about having a tower per user as a rule of thumb for better bandwith if you are thinking about HD.

Jim Calahan
KVIE, Sacramento

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