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Exporting Final Cut Clips to Media 100 HD

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Bobby MosaediExporting Final Cut Clips to Media 100 HD
by on Feb 8, 2006 at 3:41:41 am

Interesting timing with the question, i guess.

We've shot some great looking stuff on the new JVC GY 100U camera. I captured my clips into FCP5 @ 720P30 , then did a batch export out of FCP using 10bit 1080i, 709 colorimetry, upper field dominance, respample chroma filter, search alpha channel for active area, and automatic data rate, keeping current FPS.

When the batch export completed, i dragged the files into a bin in HD. i thought i would be saving myself a step by rendering out in the HD codec and uprezzing to 1080i, but in addition to "updating media file" which i'll assume is splitting the audio tracks, it still had to re-render the video (ill take a guess and think it had to convert the frame rate to 29.97 and/or do the 1080 upconversion) .

The image quality seems to be OK, but there are horizontal lines. and they look awful, like big-time looking interlaced lines. i would like to re-export this again, but dont know exactly how to do it without those nasty horizontal lines

earlier this week, i had downloaded some native m2t files shot with the same camera off someones website. i used mpeg streamclip to convert the m2t files to m100HD and it looked beautiful. no horizontal lines whatsoever. i was hoping the same would happen coming from FCP.

As i type this, i dont see any reason why not to navigate to the capture scratch folder and try to convert them manually that way. Ill post up the results of a test in a little while.

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Bobby MosaediRe: Exporting Final Cut Clips to Media 100 HD
by on Feb 8, 2006 at 3:51:16 am

OK! looks like taking the raw captured clip from the finder and exporting out of mpeg streamclip totally got rid of the lines. I only wish MPEG streamclip had a batch function. fortunately, since there is not a whole lot of footage, i can probably get away by importing all the clips at once and exporting one big file overnight and re-cut them again in M100HD. boy is there a night and day difference. the gamma from mpeg streamclip also more closely matched to the native file as well. The one exported out of FCP seems to have crushed the blacks. oh well, this will work... for now

something about exporting out of fcp directly, didn't do the trick... if anyone comes up with a solution of how to get HDV clips out of FCP and into M100HD, please let me know. thanks.

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