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Bobby Mosaedim100Hd - AE
by on Jan 26, 2006 at 2:00:09 am

i cant get after effects to import my m100HD exported XML files. am i missing a file that should be in my after effects folder? if so, whats its name and where does it go? i have several layers of video and audio that would save me a bunch of time if i could work with them in after effects.

this is my system
m100HD 10.1.3
os x 10.4.4
xserve raid 5.6

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Peter DeArmondRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Jan 26, 2006 at 5:20:40 am

In your Applications folder>Media 100 HD folder you should see a folder called Adobe After Effects Plug-in. In it, you should see a plug-in called Media 100 XML Project Importer. If you Get Info on this plug-in, there is a "Open with:" arrow, and when click on it, it should reveal (confirm) what version of After Effects you have, which will open the XML file.

I just drag the XML file from my desktop onto the AE application icon in the Dock, and this always works for me. I'm only using AE 6.0, but it works fine.

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sformbyRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Jan 26, 2006 at 6:35:53 am

I have the exact same problem!! I installed the M100 XML Importer file in my AE plug-ins folder. ThenI go into AE and choose import > file, then choose the XML file. Then AE bombs. This was with AE 6.0. I just downloaded the AE 7.0 tryout, and it does the exact same thing. As soon as I choose the XML file to import, it bombs. AAARRRRH! Tried just dragging the XML file to the dock icon (as user above). Same thing, la bomba.

Anyone know what't up with that? The XMl file came from Media 100 sw (software), the media was digitized on an 8.2.2 system with a P6000 card.

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FlohRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Jan 26, 2006 at 8:05:48 am

The XML Importer file should be placed in your AE->PlugIns->Standard->Format->fpf folder to read Media 100 XMLs.

The crashing is related to a bug in the XML importer plugin. There is a workaround to avoid the crash: if you have video clips on the Va track, move them all away, either to Vb or to V1 and up. Unfortunately you will have to remove your transitions, but at least the file usually will import fine into AE. It is not perfect, but it is a workaround. As far as I know a solution for this bug already has been found, and I hope that a new AE plugin will be posted on the website not soo far in the future.

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Bobby MosaediRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Jan 26, 2006 at 4:04:45 pm

thanks a lot guys, the first thing i did was delete all the black clips and color clips, and removed any transitions in va/vb track. although i still had clips in the va track, it seemed to be OK, as long as i didnt have any transitions. if there was only a way to export from AE - m100HD with rendered layers, i think a lot of my pain and distrust from media 100 would go away really really fast... hehe imagine that

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Eric PelletierRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Aug 18, 2010 at 9:16:57 pm

I hope that a new AE plugin will be posted on the website not soo far in the future.

Strange enough... after all these years...
I'm using Suite 1.1.3 and AE CS4 9.0.2 on 10.5.8 and it will crash all the way on XML Import - except your Vb/V1 and up trick works for me.

Crash error says:
After Effects error : crash occured while invoking
plug-in "Media 100 program Importer".

then it quits and a message says a copy of your project was saved (...)

Does it mean the importer plug-in has not evolved through all these years?

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Floh PetersRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Aug 19, 2010 at 8:11:02 pm

The AE importer has been updated several times in the last couple of releases between Suite 1.1.3 and now. As far as I can tell it has not been posted as an individual download, but you could download the latest trial version and get the newest AE plugin from this installer. On the other hand it could be the case that some changes had to be made to the actual Media 100 export to fix some bugs; I am not sure about that. So maybe the AE plugin alone would not help in this case. If you are still crashing with the newer plugin you could try the trial version of V1.6.2 to see if that fixes your problems.

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Eric PelletierRe: m100Hd - AE
by on Aug 20, 2010 at 10:50:32 pm

Hey, thanks
good ideas
It's probably a good time to upgrade anyway...

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